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Welcome to PAIL Bloggers! In the three months prior to us officially launching the PAIL Bloggers website in June 2012, over 200 people had already joined the blogroll. It was evident that many ALI (adoption, loss, infertility) parents were feeling lost and craving a space within the larger ALI community where they could actively engage with others through a number of different activities. Infertility doesn’t end when you finally become a parent. And that is the heart of PAIL. Read below for more information about us, and we hope you will find this website and this community helpful to you in your journey as a parent through the lens of ALI.

Pregnant and/or Parenting through Adoption/Infertility/Loss

If you have been around since its creation, you might have noticed a slight change to  the meaning behind the PAIL acronym. The original acronym included the word “after,” but that word never felt quite right. Struggling with fertility issues and fears changes you, and we felt like parenting through our experiences more accurately described how ALI parents felt. PAIL is much more than just an acronym – it is a resource for those who have experienced or are still experiencing the heartache of infertility as the pain and memory of that struggle never truly go away.

Thankfully, there are now more and more resources both inside and outside of the blogosphere for those who are struggling with IF.  Our intent with this particular endeavor is to create a virtual meeting place for ALI parents who are wanting to connect with others who have been through similar struggles. We will host “mixers” to help people to find each other. It will be a bit like a sidewalk café – feel free to drop by whenever you want!

At its core, PAIL is a space for ALI folks who are pregnant/parenting, and that’s okay. This stage of the journey presents very unique challenges that deserve support and the space to be openly discussed. PAIL is a place to share in the joys and fears of coming out the other side, be it through getting pregnant, giving birth, adopting, fostering, or simply being able to say, “I’m still here, I’m still hanging on.” PAIL is a place where we can support each other on our journey as parents, whatever that journey may look like.

If you would like to be added to the blogroll, please click here or go to the main blogroll page. You can also add the button to your sidebar if you so choose!

To learn more about the awesome ladies behind PAIL, click here: The Ladies of PAIL.

Welcome to PAIL!

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