what now? life on “the other side”

You may have noticed that since moving to this new space, we have modified the PAIL acronym. “After” just didn’t quite feel right. And drawing on the many, many comments around the blogosphere these past few months, it didn’t quite feel right to many of you either. We settled on “through” as it felt a little more fluid. The ebb and flow of healing, of moving onward, however we may get there.

In the past few weeks, I have read a few powerful posts on the topic of healing. Each one began to stir the silt I had been letting settle but had not really begun to filter. The silt that makes my half-full/half-empty glass murky. The silt that IF and loss has eroded into my glass. A comment on one such post lead me to search for this article at Salon.com:

Now what? Life after cancer treatment by Mary Elizabeth Williams

I read it. And I wept. Not only because I had been reliving a lot of “old” feelings I have about losing a piece of my heart to cancer, but also because I think about losing a piece of my heart to infertility and loss all the time.

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