featured posts – june 2012

Pregnancy and parenting on the difficult road through adoption, loss, and infertility presents unique challenges. One of our main goals at PAIL Bloggers is to help connect individuals struggling with various aspects of the PAIL part of the ALI journey. While the monthly theme posts present a variety of perspectives on the same topic, there are a variety of other pressing topics weighing on the shoulders of bloggers at any given time.

Enter the Featured Post.

The Featured Post is meant to highlight a post (past or present) from a blogger that specifically relates to the challenges of being pregnant and/or parenting through ALI. Posts in this vein might be on the topic of:

  • anxiety during pregnancy
  • feelings on a baby shower when it is finally your turn
  • how pregnancy announcements feels now
  • preparing for the birth
  • complex feelings once parenthood settles in
  • feelings on thinking about TTC#2
  • the things people say… the remix (pregnant/parenting edition)
  • feelings on starting (or being in) treatment again
  • considerations on child spacing
  • the healing process… and the setbacks

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  1. I answered this in an email this morning, but it is worth repeating: OF COURSE you can submit your own post!!! Have at it!

  2. Julie Anita says:


    I’m submitting this post because a) even though it affects many pregnant women across the board, it’s another layer to the infertility game (because what better to make you feel like your body is broken than being given a less attractive, possibly functionally flawed, foreign one after having a baby?) and b) I’m avoiding writing my own post about it because I have Body Hang-Ups, so I’m reading it over and over.

  3. How infertility makes us see motherhood with rose coloured glasses – and the harsh reality of what suddenly giving birth really means – my first week freak out – http://surviveandthrive.co.za/baby/birth-part-two-first-week-freak.html


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