news item: is routine swaddling ok?

This week as I was surfing the net (geez, does that phrase make you think of the 90s or what?), I came across an article about routine swaddling. Since this is something we have done since our daughter’s birth and continue to do (with one arm out) at six months, it piqued my interest. The Question of Routine Swaddling discusses whether or not this fairly widespread practice is “right” to follow just because it has been done for thousands of years.

Why Even Question It?

For millions of new parents, the ubiquitous presence of pro-swaddling messages creates a reassuring sense of caring both for their baby’s needs and their own. For most, there seems no reason to question the practice. The idea that it elicits controversy may be surprising. Yet hidden behind this friendly face is a growing body of research from around the world that calls into question the benign, warm-and-cozy nature of routine swaddling of newborns and older infants.

As interesting as I found the article, in a broader sense, it made me wonder whether we as parents choose to follow certain practice because it feels right, because of research, because of tradition, or because of some combination of those three factors.

I swaddle because I have friends who swear by it and because my daughter does sleep longer when swaddled. Does that mean I’m not being as attentive to her cues as I could/should be? I really don’t know. I don’t think so, but… 


How do you choose which parenting methods to try out?

Do you think swaddling is a good practice to follow?

How much stock do you put into current research vs. parenting advice from family/friends or just doing what feels right?


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