monthly theme post call out: father’s day then & now

Given that Father’s Day is this month, we thought we would use that as inspiration for the June monthly theme post.

This year on Father’s day I will be 37 weeks pregnant.  I guess the thing that strikes me most about the difference this year is that in the past Father’s day (and Mother’s Day) was always about ‘other people’, our own fathers, grandfathers, siblings who are fathers, etc.  This year, even though we are still preggo, my DH is included for the first time in the Father’s day celebrations, we are now the ‘other people’.  At Wal-mart I even found an “expectant Father” Father’s day card.  Way to go marketing geniuses, right?

And part of me, of us, are still holding are breath.  This baby is not here yet and the anxiousness to meet this most wanted little being (and also get it off of my sciatic nerve) is high.  I can’t say that we can fully reflect on what it is like yet to be on the ‘other side’.  I know part of us will probably always feel an identity with those who struggle to get through these holidays.

And so the June Monthly Theme  – feel free to follow these prompts or to respond in your own way about your feelings on Father’s Day:

  • How was Father’s Day then (while TTC)  different from now?   Talk to your partner – what is it like for him? How is it different now? Is it as bittersweet as Mother’s Day is for many IFers/PAILers?
  • A toast to your partner (if applicable), to your own father, or to your father-in-law.
  • How has your relationship with your own father changed now that you are pregnant/parenting?
  • What is the most important lesson you learned from your father? What wisdom/tradition of your father’s do you hope to pass on to your own children?

You have one week to write your post – please submit your responses by midnight June 20th.  We will then compile the list of responses and post them on June 21st. Submit your responses by contacting us with a link to the post on your blog/website and a short blurb about your post.  For more info on the Monthly Theme Post and past Monthly Themes, click on the ‘Monthly Theme Post’  tab at the top of the page.


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