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Finding new blogs has always been hit or miss for me. I typically find people through other people’s blogrolls (this is Blogger’s one redeeming quality in my WP-user eyes) or through clicking on comments. Lately though, I have found myself not venturing out of the cosy corner of my reader, until the other day when I was happened upon Everyday Love (aka Happily Hitched) while doing a little site administration here at PAIL Bloggers. A reminder that connecting with other folks is the point of PAIL after all! 🙂

Leah from Everyday Love has written “Our Journey to Parenthood” in which she discusses the two losses she and her husband suffered before their current (almost done!) pregnancy. In this post, Leah discusses how the losses affected her outlook and her relationships. What struck me the most was Leah discussing how important talking about miscarriage is to healing, and how blogging has been a big part of that for her:

I’m going to leave it a this today, but I do have posts planned for the future.  One day I hope to write a book on miscarriage.  I’m far from an expert but I think there isn’t enough out there about it.  I feel like some think it’s taboo to talk about but in reality more people experience it then you would ever know.   One thing I will say is that I never would have been able to get through the past year without blogging.  I didn’t know anyone my age who had gone through a miscarriage before in my “real” life.  But, I met many ladies through blogging.  Even though I never shared my story in a post, many of you know it from the friendships we’ve developed via email and the support you’ve all provided has meant the world to me.   Today, I hope that in sharing this I will be able to help others who are going through what we went through.

At the bottom of her post, Leah states that this is why she has added the PAIL blogroll button to her blog, despite being on the blogroll for some time. She felt the time was right. Seeing this at the end of post surprised me, because I had already decided to share this post in this space before finishing the post. Finally, at the end of her post Leah shares a link to a post that she wrote while going through a loss – an interesting analogy about how things do not go according to plan.

Please head over to Everyday Love to read the rest of  “Our Journey to Parenthood”. Comments on this thread will be closed in an effort for you to connect with Leah directly and share your thoughts with her.


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