memorable moment monday!

Good morning! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. We would like to keep it light and fluffy today, since Monday is not most people’s favorite, so how about a brief photo post? Show us a moment in your life– today, right this second, or from the weekend. Here’s mine:

There’s a lot to critique in this room– messy diaper table, unmade bed with sheets falling off of it– but the little gem is right in the middle, with one of my girls wiggling & entertaining, and the other one giggling at her sister.

Share your moment with us! Post a photo in your blog and link us. We will remind everyone to come back and check in on Friday with our Weekly Summary. You can also send us pics on Twitter @PAILbloggers!


  1. Good call, I have posted mine, the link is!!!!
    Your pic is adorable!

  2. Here is mine…love sharing pics of my cutie pie

  3. angelajeffers says:
  4. Here is mine!

    WP users how do I do the track back thingie?

    • If you link to this post in your post it should do a track back. You have to make the link out of a word in your post. Like PAIL, and then make it a link to this post in your draft in dashboard. Try it by editing your post! (There is a link icon in up where bold, italics, etc. are).

      ETA: Nevermind! You did it!

  5. I haven’t posted any pictures in a long time. This was a good prod.

  6. Am I the only one on the west coast or what!? My posts will perpetually be late. 😉 A memorable monday it was! So cute to see everyone’s “moments”!

    • Julie Anita says:

      We’re not so strict around here! Last-minute submissions (on my Eastern timeline, anyways!) are so okay with me. Like I’m going to complain about one more cute baby photo, especially when it’s more twins, hahaha!

  7. Here’s slightly fuzzy memorable monday moment 🙂
    glad to be posting again, I missed this!


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