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Last week, Heather from Survive Infertility and Thrive submitted one of her own posts to the open thread, and I was thrilled! It is wonderful to see bloggers putting themselves out there to connect, especially over something so difficult. Her submission also came in just before Julie Anita posted her news item asking whether parents were happier people.

Heather had me at the description of her post:

How infertility makes us see motherhood with rose coloured glasses – and the harsh reality of what suddenly giving birth really means – my first week freak out.

I know that I struggled with the realities of of early parenthood –  I think we all do, whether we admit it or not. And the admitting part is the hardest. This is a huge topic that will be explored in many posts in the future, but Heather focuses on one issue in particular than many of us have struggled with – breastfeeding.

It was somewhere in between my boobs being shoved in every direction inside a chewing little mouth mutilating my nipples and being told very seriously from the pediatrician that if he did not get enough food he would land up being brain damaged, that I officially lost my sense of self. In fact by Saturday there was very little of “me” left.

I admire Heather’s honesty in this post. It takes courage to admit that parenting has moments that are very, very challenging – infertile or not.  It’s going to be hard, and it’s going to be okay.

Please head over to Survive Infertility and Thrive and share your thoughts with Heather on her post Birth Part Two: First Week Freak Out. Comments on this thread will be closed in an effort for you to connect with Heather directly and share your thoughts with her.


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