PAIL weekly summary, vol. 4

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • PAIL debuted the very first Memorable Moment Monday post. Several of you linked us to photos of your Mondays, which gave us all a new perspective on your daily life. We liked it so much, we think we should do it again!
  • Josey posted our weekly news item on using the word “vagina” and asked us how TTCing may have changed the way we talk about our bodies and infertility in different forums. Many of you responded to tell us what you think about technical terms and “pet names” for body parts and baby-making activities, and where you will and will not use certain terms.

Featured Posts This Week:

Ongoing Projects:

  • EXTRA! EXTRA! The PAIL Book Club is gearing up for another round this summer. Coming SOON! Stay tuned!
  • We are building a PAIL Resources List– please submit any helpful links and recommendations in the comments here.
  • If you have read a post that really resonates with you lately (or have one you revisit over and over) please let us know in the open thread for June 2012 Featured Posts or submit it by email.

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