PAIL weekly summary, vol. 5

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • Josey figured the first time was so much fun, it was time for a second edition of Memorable Moment Monday. If you haven’t checked out the adorable photos (and No Baby Ruth’s hilarious alternative) we suggest you do!
  • Julie Anita asked some very interesting questions about an article from an Australian magazine submitted by Chon. The article asks the question of whether is it okay to tell a friend to stop pursuing fertility treatments. Is it ever okay? You tell us.

Featured Posts:

  • Trinity at Three is a Magic Number wrote a stunning post on the discovery of a surprise pregnancy after tabling TTC #2, and the complexity of emotions surrounding this foray into the unknown.
  • All posts featured in June have now been indexed here on the drop down menu. Check them out!

Ongoing Projects:

  • PAIL Book Club has a new host and will be launching again soon with a new book! We are very, very excited to welcome this new contributor to fold. Stay tuned!
  • The monthly theme for July 2012 will be going up next week. It promises to really get you thinking, if you aren’t already…
  • We are slowly but surely building a PAIL Resources List– please submit any helpful links and recommendations in the comments here.

New to the Blogroll This Week:

  • This Space For Rent – Army life and pregnancy after battling infertility
  • My life in a nut shell – Repeat Pregnancy Loss, Rainbow baby, pregnancy after loss
  • Mom PharmD–A student pharmacist & mom balances school, career, & parenting during secondary infertility, born March 2008
  • R. Sativus – TTC my first while SAHM to my 2 year old stepdaughter. Blog is private until legal custody is established, but invite requests are welcome. Born May 2010.

Stay Connected:


And finally…PAIL contributor Chandra and her husband have welcomed their new daughter into the world! Little Miss S.J.was born on June 26th at 3:11am weighing 8#13oz and measuring 21″, and we can’t wait to see her! Chandra will have more to tell us in the coming weeks when she can come up for air! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! 🙂



  1. Julie Anita says:

    Just have to say CONGRATS CHANDRA again! Babies! ❤


  3. Loving the round up guys!

  4. YAY for another Stella Joan in this world. 🙂

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