memorable moment monday – vol. 4

Who else has a case of “The Mondays” today? It can’t only be me. This “work from home” thing has quickly translated into “work from Starbucks while FIL watches child” and I’m not a fan. Sad face. Time for a happy picture! Because clearly, I am totally working right now. (I’ll be hosting my photo here today, as I have a birthday card up for my Dad at my place today.)

Lately, we’ve been spending a lot of time in the kiddie pool. I don’t know about where you live, but it has been hot as balls here. Our “pool” is not only super-mega-ultra fun, it surprisingly refreshing. We have been known to put the kid in it naked while we (and assorted friends) sit around it in lawn chairs with our feet in the pool and beverages in our hands. I believe they call this The Good Life.

This Saturday, the boys in my life had a little group swim while this Mum sunned herself on a towel. The best.

“And then a big brown shark came…”

Shoo away The Mondays! Share your moment with us! Post a photo (snappy commentary and/or awesome captions optional) on your blog and link us. We will remind everyone to come back and check in on Friday with our weekly summary. You can also send us pics on Twitter @PAILbloggers!

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  1. Your “good life” sounds pretty amazing indeed!!

    Here is my MMM –

  2. Cute! I love that the dog is getting in on the action!
    Here is mine!

  3. Love that the dog is joining in on the fun! Great picture 🙂
    Here is mine:

  4. Julie Anita says:

    Ha! Action shot! LOVE IT. Your “big brown shark” is adorable 😀

    Here’s mine:

  5. My, your lawn is looking awfully green? Were we playing with photoshop before we posted this picture? 😉 SO jealous of your heat. You inspired my moment from this weekend which is quite the opposite…

    • Ever since I got thrown some virtual shade (*ahem*) about the state of my lawn, I’ve actually been watering it. It still looks pretty terrible, but it’s a veritable putting green compared to the front lawn (which I am currently pretending does not exist).

  6. Those pools are awesome, for all ages 🙂 Here’s my MMM

  7. I just love this photo – look at all the joy!!! This is a keeper!

    Here is ours… from Saturday as well. Must have been a fun day for everyone!

    PS – it is hot as hell here too. Ugh. 100* today.

  8. Your brown shark reference had me sporadically screaming ‘DOODY!’ like I had a Caddyshack induced case of tourette syndrome. Here is our post!


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