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  • Julie Anita highlighted a moving post by Shannon of Solo Pronto exploring how her sense of self was stripped away by infertility and loss, and how pregnancy is bringing her back to a place where she truly feels “okay” again. Read the post here– “Hello me.”

Ongoing Projects:

  • We welcomed Nisha of The Prairie Plate to PAIL as our new PAIL Book Club Host! Nisha introduced the first book of our book club reboot— click on over to see what it is if you missed it, and sign up to read along with us!
  • Have you submitted any helpful resources for our Resource Page yet? We are slowly but surely building a PAIL Resources List– please submit any helpful links and recommendations in the comments here. We especially need links about adoption, so please leave a comment with any websites that you have found helpful!

Community Corkboard:

This is a new section we’re adding to the Weekly Summary. If you have a question, need support, or want to give a shout-out to someone who you think is particularly awesome, email us to have your message added to next week’s summary!

  • Bethany of Cloudy with a Chance of Infertility is going back to work in two weeks and needs some insight into how to make that work as smoothly as possible. Will you give her some advice and support? You can visit her recent entry on the topic here– “Going Back to Work.” Thanks for helping support a fellow PAIL Blogger!

New to the Blogroll This Week:

  • Infertile Mormon Mommy – Spent 4 years TTC #1, now pregnant with #2!
  • The Bunless Oven – One Aussie girl’s meanderings through the minefields of IVF, infertility, pregnancy and motherhood.
  • My Scarlet Baby – One mom’s adventure with transracial domestic adoption.
  • Sunny Day Today Mama – Over 20 years of infertility. Appreciating life as an IVF mother.

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