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I am a regular follower of Julia’s, and when I first read her post a few weeks ago, I felt badly that she felt people were judging her for making an incredibly difficult and personal decision.

Admittedly, breastfeeding vs. formula feeding (or some combination of the two) is a hot button issue for many in the mothering world. That being said, when I read the article Julia linked to in her post, I didn’t find it offensive – I found it to be filled with information I wish I had known when I was struggling with breastfeeding in those early days and weeks. I’m not a fan of posts written from the baby’s perspective, but that’s just personal preference, and overall, it seemed to be an article that was very informative.

But then I re-read Julia’s post and went back and read that article from the perspective of a Mom who was formula feeding her baby, and I understood how it could make her feel defensive. When Julia wrote to us about her post, she said:

Through my journey of TTC, I dreamed of extended breastfeeding, so imagine my guilt and shame when we were unable to do so… and then the horror of the judgement I received from all angles of moms (from my moms group, to family) that I was being lazy or that I didn’t love my child. Then one day, a friend on facebook posted a blog link that sent me over the edge.

Just because I formula feed doesn’t make me a worse mother than one who breastfeeds. No mother wants less than the best for their child, and for us, formula was the only option.

I hope that bringing [my] post to light, and the topic about how we formula moms feel about the eyes we know are upon us will help show the world that we love our children the same that you do!

So many of us know the feeling of being judged for everything from pursing ART to achieve our baby-making dreams to co-sleeping, baby-wearing, or any other number of “hot button” issues. I think Julia’s post is a great reminder to check our judgments at the door, and remember that this is how all of us feel about our babies:

I love my son more than life itself, and to imply otherwise will awaken the beast.  Remember, don’t anger the makers of the tiny humans… they will eat you alive.

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