weekly summary, vol. 8

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • Jules (formerly Julie Anita) kicked off the week with a Memorable Moment Monday post that was filled with hungry babies. 🙂 16 of you also joined in the fun by linking in the comments – check out all of the great pictures!
  • SRB brought an article to our attention that was featured in Fit Pregnancy magazine. The article discusses the author’s struggle with infertility and her subsequent worries during pregnancy. What do you think about her term “Former Infertile” being used in a mainstream publication like that? It is just good that the message of some of the fears that women in the ALI community feel is being communicated to the public at large?

Featured Posts:

Ongoing Projects:

  • We welcomed Nisha of The Prairie Plate to PAIL as our new PAIL Book Club Host! Nisha introduced the first book of our book club reboot— click on over to see what it is if you missed it, and sign up to read along with us!
  • Have you submitted any helpful resources for our Resource Page yet? We are slowly but surely building a PAIL Resources List– please submit any helpful links and recommendations in the comments here. We especially need links about adoption, so please leave a comment with any websites that you have found helpful!

Community Corkboard:

This is a new section we’re adding to the Weekly Summary. If you have a question, need support, or want to give a shout-out to someone who you think is particularly awesome, email us to have your message added to next week’s summary!

New to the Blogroll This Week:

  • Bleeding Tulip – Surprise pregnancy after 2+years of unexplained IF & 1 MC. Struggling w/ overweight pregnancy, Eastern Orthodox and a little granola.

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  1. Wow, love the idea of a weekly summary! And I feel so special, getting put on the blogging list! *warm fuzzy!*

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