memorable moment monday, vol. 6

Remember when waking up to a trail of scattered clothing on your floor meant that it had been an (overly) fun night on the town? A couple of days ago, I looked up from my perch in the bathroom where I was sitting watching Stella while she splashed in the tub, and I realized that the trail of clothing on my floor had an entirely different meaning now. Burp cloth, short-shorts, onesie, and swaddling blanket, all laid out in a row. When it is this scattered, it means I pushed it too long (in this case, at Music in the Park) before getting her home and into the bath, and we were flying through the bedtime routine to avoid any potential breakdowns. How times have changed…

After a long night out on the town…little people edition.

What have you been up to recently? Show us your memorable moments on this fine Monday– just drop us a link in the comments to your Memorable Moment Monday post on your blog, or shoot us a picture on twitter at @PAILbloggers!

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