memorable moment monday, vol. 7

Holiday Monday! Well, in Canada anyway. Which holiday? It’s hard to say. It is different in every province, but is commonly referred to as “the August long weekend.” Yay…patriotism? In my province it is either Civic Holiday or Simcoe Day, depending on which sign you read telling you the store will be closed that day. So, yeah. I have no idea!

No matter! BJB took Friday and tomorrow off, so we headed up to the family cottage for a mini-vacation. HGB has really improved his walking on uneven ground skills the last few days! Well, sort of.

Observe – A boy and his dog, in 3 parts:

What have you been up to this past week? Show us your memorable moments on this fine Monday– just drop us a link in the comments to your Memorable Moment Monday post on your blog, or shoot us a picture on twitter at @PAILbloggers!



  1. I always like seeing children interacting with their pets–so cute!! 🙂

    Here is my link:

  2. What a mysterious holiday indeed!!

    Love the pics and hope you’re having a fabulous time!! It almost looks like the doggy got HGB tripped up on purpose!!

  3. A family cabin is a great thing to have! As are mysterious holidays. 🙂 Here’s my memorable moment:

  4. Oh that last one is wonderful!!! Well… wonderful in the “that’s a great action shot” kind of way and not in the, “it’s wonderful that he fell down” kind of way 😉

  5. I love it! It makes me sad we can’t take our dogs to the lake with us. I know once Raegan is up and walking the dogs are really going to have fun being chased by her. I missed you all last week as there was little internet connection available where we were and I was enjoying my vacation….

    Here is my installment of this week:

  6. That lake looks so inviting… and it looks like your wee boy is having a great time with his puppy. 🙂

    And in Alberta, we celebrate Heritage Day today. Gotta love a long weekend, no matter what it’s called!

    Here’s my memorable moment.

  7. Adorable! Was that last picture taken right while he was in the process of falling? 😉 Mine…

  8. Awww…so cute! I can’t wait until Lexi is ‘big enough’ to interact with the dogs!
    Here is mine:


    omg. It took me all day to take that picture, send it to Facebook, screen grab it, write the post (with my left hand only), then come back later and link it here. SEND HELP. I AM DROWNING IN TEETHING, ANGRY BABIES. THEY HAVE PITCHFORKS.

  10. Aww they are so cute together! 🙂 Alidia has just started really paying attention to our 3 dogs in the past month or so and it is so cute to watch. Hope you enjoyed your holiday today… one thing I miss about living in Canada! 😉

  11. so cute! love dogs n toddlers playing together (well, most of the time !)

  12. Here is mine! I was traveling yesterday so better late then never:

  13. Mine’s a bit long winded for a “MMM” but mine was our mid-pregnancy anatomy scan, with the gender reveal! Still in cloud 9!!!!


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