august 2012 – monthly theme – screen time

Not in my house!

That’s what I used to say about my (future) children watching TV. I grew up in a household where we only had the three channels that you could get with the old bunny ears antenna. I don’t remember watching TV at all as a small child (though we did have much loved family movie nights), but I do know that during later years, we were allowed to watch a maximum of one hour of TV per day, and only if our homework was done. Full House anyone?

On the flip side of things, my husband (who, to be fair, also spent a great deal of his childhood playing outdoors) had pretty much unlimited TV time growing up, and he sees no problem with the TV being on at all times in our house.

Adding to the screen time exposure for kids and adults alike now days are the cell phones, hand held games, iPads, laptops, etc. that are everywhere.

So what’s a parent to do?

A few questions for you to consider while writing your posts (all of them optional, of course!):

  • Where do you stand regarding screen time for your (future) child(ren)? Not in my house? No big deal? Special occasions only?
  • Does it make a difference to you if it is TV screen time vs. a computer/hand held game?
  • Do you think it is more acceptable for children to watch TV if it is a program geared towards them, or is that just good marketing?
  • Do you subscribe to the Baby Einstein philosophy for introducing your child to the arts and humanities, or do you think it’s just as helpful to play with your kids?
  • If you choose to limit screen time in your house, at what age do/did/will you start those limitations for your child?
  • If you have no problem with the TV being on while your child is in the room, do you limit which shows are on?
  • Are your thoughts and opinions on screen time based on your own childhood experiences? On research? On a combination of the two?

Feel free to write about whatever you would like, but hopefully the questions above will be a good jumping off point!

Please submit your post by filling out the form below no later than midnight next Wednesday, August 22nd with “Monthly Theme Post” in the subject line. If you have already written something on this topic in the past, feel free to submit it!

The complete list of posts will go up on the main page on Thursday, August 23rd.


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  1. Oh cool! This is something that I have worked out pretty successfully at our house, so this will be fun to write about.

  2. I am so excited about this month’s theme! I have lots to say about this (and not in a judegy way!)!

  3. moonstone says:

    I have lots to say about this but don’t have a blog, just enjoy reading others’. Can I write a post? Occasionally a theme jumps out at me and I feel compelled to defend my point of view. This is one of those times!!.

    Don’t want to spend time writing a post if it won’t be displayed.

    Let me know, thanks!


    • Good question – thanks for asking! At this time, we are not accepting guest posts. In the past, we have had other folks without blogs leave their thoughts on the subject in the comment section of the theme post, and then we link to that particular comment as a “post” in the final listing of theme posts so that folks can respond to it. For example, please see #20 on the July theme post listing. This is a way you can still join the conversation without a post proper, and we welcome your comments!

      As we are currently structured, each blogger (including our admin) hosts their theme posts on their individual blogs. We then provide a listing, where each blogger can then visit each other and leave their thoughts in the comments section of that particular post. You are of course more than welcome to use this listing in this way, and we encourage you to do so. And of course, we encourage you to start your own blog!


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