memorable moment monday – daddy on duty edition

Yesterday was our last full day at the beach. Husband and I took the girls to the diner for breakfast, then to a Yo Gabba Gabba themed gymnastics birthday party– Chicken had a blast crawling around and trying to “get” all the big kids who were SO very much faster than her, and Ham rolled slowly around the mats very happily– and then, so I “could have a break,” Husband took the girls for a walk down to the park. Seriously, he is the best ever. So I got to hang out and play cribbage with my brother and cousin because that is how I roll, and the girls did this:

So happy! And so big!

The best thing about having an hour alone (aside from having an hour alone) is, for me, having that feeling of pure elation when I see my girls again afterwards, like it’s been a week, and they give me big smiles. Melts my heart!

Tell us something you’ve been up to. Any new milestones, any adventures, any changes in your life? What do you want to share? Link us up in the comments!


  1. Such cute smiles! The one that’s crawling toward the camera is like “I’m gonna get ‘cha!” LOL. So here’s mine for today. As requested, my son when he was 6 months old and 36 pounds. 🙂

  2. That is such a stinkin’ cute picture of them! YAY DADDY for giving you a quick break! Here is what Charlie and I did with our baby-free afternoon yesterday. 🙂

  3. They have best faces! I can totally relate to needing time to yourself…only to spend it wishing they would come back!

    Here is mine for the week:

    PLUS! A bonus picture from the ostrich exhibit – a little IF humour:

  4. Those cheeks are so stinkin’ cute!! I had a “break” this weekend too, and as much as I missed my sweet girl, it was nice to have some me time. Here is the link to my first contribution towards Memorable Moment Monday:

  5. What sweet girls! Your hubs is such a great dad and husband! I definitely know what you mean about the time alone. That’s partly why I am always so impressed by you SAHMs! On the other hand, looking back over the past 14 months ( I sure wouldn’t have minded spending more time with my girl!!

  6. YES! Getting away gives us the opportunity to get that big, “so glad to see you” smile that is usually reserved for the daddies when they come home from work!

    I spent yesterday in the kitchen and loved every minute of it! I forgot how therapeutic cooking is for me. While I was cooking, this happened:

  7. Look at those heartbreakers! I love when my girls come back from an outing with dada and are all smiles to see me. 🙂 Here’s mine…

  8. AWW! How cute! They look so happy!

    Here’s mine:

  9. What beauties and so good of your husband to give you that hour to relax!! I definitely agree.. it is nice to have that time but extra nice coming back to see the little one(s) after the break is over! 🙂 Don’t think I have a MMM this week as I haven’t loaded the photos although I’ve definitely had lots of memorable moments while here visiting with family in England!

  10. Aww, they just get cuter all the time. I’m glad you had a great day. Here’s my picture of the end of Mira’s not-so-great day:

  11. Those girls are going to cause trouble one day!!! They have the cheekiest smiles 🙂

  12. Their personalities do show through in this photo! Glad daddy was able to give you a break!

    Her is my link:

  13. I love the “happy to see you” smile. G is still not consistent with it, but I love it when he flashes a huge grin at me after not seeing him for a while! Here’s my memorable moment:

  14. Better late than never….here is my MMM for this week..

    BTW Love that moment when my daughter sees me after a while and shares that big beautiful smile….definitely a heart melting experience!

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  16. OMG…your girls are too cute! 🙂

    Here’s my memorable moment:

  17. I didn’t get around to writing an MMM post this week, but I wanted to just say that I can totally understand your mention of time away. I had some time away from my wee-lings this weekend, and I’m telling you, I was so happy when I saw them again… It was good and refreshing to be on my own, and out with a friend, but it was all that much better because I was able to go home and see my sweet babies.

  18. posted to my blog, and then forgot to post here! Here it is, two days late!


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