weekly summary, vol. 13

PAIL Posts This Week

  • Jules started us off this week with a gorgeous picture of her two little girls for our Memorable Moment Monday post!  Who can have a bad Monday after looking at these adorable faces? Check out the comments for links to all the other cutie-pies that were posted!
  • Josey found a news item that talked about a common parenting cliché that while can seem innocuous is often aimed at mothers who choose to go back to work after having a baby.  The phrase “You can never get the time back” at worst is an indictment on the mother for choosing, or needing, to go back to work and at best is a naive statement about the realities of parenthood.  Parenting is not just about the time when your child is an infant, all the time, infancy to adulthood, is important time.  Check out Josey’s thoughts and read the article for yourself here.
  • SRB posted a link in the comments of the news item about the worries we may harbour over the attention we could give a second, and our first child. Folks seemed to like it! Check it out.

Featured Posts:

We had a double-header for feature posts this week with two great bloggers being featured:

  • SRB found a blog post by No Baby Ruth that speaks to how even when blogging in the ALI community, we can still feel lost, we can still hide from what we are really feeling and thinking. SRB and No Baby Ruth discuss how infertility can steal from you your sense of purpose, or knock you off the path you were on before the big IF diagnosis. Read SRB’s reflections and No Baby Ruth’s post “Wanted for Robbery“.
  • Jules featured a post by Gemini Momma, “Breaking Dams“, that spoke to a struggle we all probably face, that once a very much awaited child is here, the fear and the worry still lingers, still haunts us.  Gemini Momma relates this beautifully through a dream she had that made her aware of just how much a part of her was ‘still there’ was still living her infertility struggles, was still “that woman in the nicu wondering if her babies were going to be ok.”  See Jules’ reflections and share your own thoughts on this often overlooked issue.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Community Corkboard: If you have a question, need support, or want to give a shout-out to someone who you think is particularly awesome, email us to have your message added to next week’s summary!
  • More details on this feature coming soon!

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