memorable moment monday, vol. 11

It’s Labour Day! That’s extra fancy Labour Day, with a “u” in case you weren’t Canadian. What? You aren’t? Well, I hope today is a holiday wherever you are!

I had *BIG* plans to post a picture of the wonderful sunset my husband and I were going to enjoy, just the two of us, from my parents’ front porch in the country.

This is their front porch:

The view looking the other way is spectacular! But then, as I was typing up something I will get into in a second, my dog ran out the front door and was immediately SPRAYED BY A SKUNK:

Guess who got to give the dog three different baths? Yeah. No sunset was seen.

So, that was a memorable moment. And it was LABOURIOUS. Get it?

What about you guys? What did you get up to this (hopefully!) long weekend? Any new milestones, any adventures, any changes in your life? What do you want to share? Link us up in the comments!


Oh, and ANOTHER THING! Memorable Moment Monday is currently our most popular “blog-hopping” activity. We would like to use this activity as a way of featuring members of our blogroll on a weekly basis. Here is how it will work:

  1. Fill out the form here with your contact details letting us know you would like to participate (i.e. be the “guest host” here at PAIL).
  2. Answer the “5 Questions” telling us and our readers a little about yourself, your blog and your interests. Help us get to know you better, beyond your blogroll blurb!
  3. When your turn comes around, we’ll get in touch with you a few days in advance to let you know your Monday is next and remind you to send us your picture and MMM blurb.
  4. On Monday, we’ll post your moment (blurb and photo), your blog details and your “5 Questions” interview.
  5. Folks will leave their MMM links on the post as usual.

We’re counting on you to feature yourselves! We’ll be keeping a list of submissions as they come in on one of our many spreadsheets, and we’ll run it “first come, first served” for now. Looking forward to sharing more with you!

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