featured post: “The Plan…Version 6.0” by K of Our Growing Gardunn

Everyone in the ALI community is connected by their common pain, their struggles, their hopes, and their fears. Of course all of our journeys are different, and our exact pain, struggles, hopes, and fears are different, but we are all one and the same in that we are all persevering through the tumultuous ALI world in the our hopes to add to our families.

In this case, K started blogging in February after being thrown head first into the awful world of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL). While TTC#1, she was blessed to carry and deliver a healthy child after her first IUI cycle, but when they started TTC#2 is when the RPL hell began. She has been able to conceive relatively easily, but she has since endured a chemical pregnancy and recurring miscarriages at 7, 11, 12, and 14 weeks. Now, exactly two years later, they are still TTC for #2 (and pregnancy #6 – hence the Version 6.0), and she has this to say:

Two years.
Man, I have learned a lot…about what a miracle this truly is. I’ve learned about myself. My family. My friends. About how strong I can be and how that strength can be tested to its limits. These two years have definitely changed me.

Most importantly I learned how I can’t control this…so I am not going to try. I will follow my doctors protocol but I am trying to loosen the death grip this has had on me.

It was strangling me..and I can finally take a breath.

I find her post to be so incredibly inspiring. Most of us go through times during TTC when we feel so beat down that it seems we are at our rock bottoms, yet at some point, my hope is that we all get to this point as well…this place of strength and of hope.

To read her full post “The Plan…Version 6.0,” visit K’s blog, Our Growing Gardunn. Comments here are closed to encourage everyone to connect directly with her.


K’s Story in her own words: After getting pregnant during my first IUI cycle I gave birth to my daughter 3 years ago. Since then I have had a chemical pregnancy and recurring miscarriages at 7, 11, 12, and 14 weeks. Fast forward through 1 inducted delivery @ 16 wks, 3 D &C’s, a uterine septum removal and more tests than one can imagine, this is my story as I try and figure out where I go from here…


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