weekly summary, vol. 15

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • Friend and fellow PAIL Blogger Elizabeth at Snips, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tales has just received devastating news about her son Grayson’s medical condition. Please visit her to offer your prayers, support, or whatever feels right to you. She could use the community holding her close right now.
  • This week we introduced Delenn as our first guest host of The Monday Snapshot! Please stop by her place and say hello!
  • Chandra discussed the presentation (or rather, omission of key details) of the results of a new study on CIO in the popular media (NBC Nightly News). Lots of good points about media literacy and making informed parenting decisions in the comments. Check it out and add your thoughts.
  • Jules introduced the monthly theme for September – Guilt and Grieving. There are so many directions to take this topic in, and we hope you find one that helps you process and heal a little more. Post submissions are due on Wednesday, September 19, with the full list going live on September 20. Submit your post URL and a short blurb here!

Featured Posts:

  • Josey featured the post Blocked! by Kerri of Uncommon Nonsense, where she asks the very interesting question: “I’m wondering if any of you would ever consider moving to a different state just to have fertility treatments covered under your health insurance plan…” Please head over to Kerri’s blog and share your thoughts with her.

Book Club:

  • We are gearing up to start the next edition of PAIL Book Club, running October-November and wrapping up before American Thanksgiving.
  • What book would YOU like to see this time? Help us out! Send us an email with your suggestion and a few sentences making your case by emailing us here.

New to the Blogroll This Week:

  • Then there was you… – 10 years trying, Loss, Preemie, and life with (FINALLY) baby! (New to blogging), born December 2011
  • Seriously?! – RPL to Adoption to Parenting. One Cheeky Mama to one beautiful little girl, born January 2012

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