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This is the 3rd edition of The Monday Snapshot – an evolution of the MMM feature, meant to bring the PAIL blogroll to life by giving its members a chance to feature themselves and make new connections.

This week we are pleased to introduce Mrs. Gamgee of Hobbit-ish Thoughts and Ramblings !

One of the things that was forefront in my thoughts when I was pregnant with Pippin was how Ginny would handle having a new baby around the house.  Would she be jealous?  See him as some sort of usurper?  Or would she want to treat him like one of her many stuffies… hauled around by the ear, sat on, and squeezie-hugged within an inch of his life?  The answer to all of the above is yes.  Yes, she was jealous, and even angry at times that she wasn’t getting the same kind of attention that she used to.  And there have been times when I’m sure she thinks he’s just a bigger version of one of her stuffed toys. 

But recently I’ve noticed a change.  Ginny is learning to be affectionate with Pip.  She wants to share her sippy cup with him (usually involves her attempting to shove the straw in his face), and she loves to ‘read’ stories to him.  And while there are times when I have to rescue our wee little mister from the loving attentions of his big sister, I am thankful that there is already a blooming sibling love.  I know that in the future they will have their battles and disagreements.  I can only hope that this early affection she feels for him will continue to grow.


Mrs. Gamgee dishes with us via the “5 Questions”:

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