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Twitter users: If you have a spare moment today, please send a message of support to PAIL blogger EndoJourney. She’s had an insanely medicalized journey to pregnancy with her son “MB,” starting with a ruptured ectopic, then severe OHSS during the IVF cycle that gave her a BFP, and she’s been on bed rest for a while now with SCH bleeding, constant contractions and dynamic cervix. She was admitted to the hospital yesterday at 22.5 weeks at 3cm and with a lot of uterine irritability. MB is still doing great– he’s a little fighter baby– but he needs to stay on the inside as long as possible! EJ is very upset and worried about MB, of course, and anyone who’s been on bed rest for any length of time knows that the inactivity and isolation is brutal, so her spirits have been down– please take a minute to send her some kind words and encouragement to hang in there while she waits this out, and any prayers/juju/good vibes are welcome as well.

To rally support on Twitter, please RT the PAILbloggers official support message for EndoJourney.

Thank you! We have such an awesome community here. It’s amazing how much other ALIers can boost each other’s spirits and confidence. You all are the best!

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