weekly summary, vol. 18

We have recently welcomed Traathy of Happily Ever After to the PAIL Bloggers team. Traathy has been an angel sent from blog administration heaven! Welcome! 🙂

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • This week Chon guest hosted The Monday Snapshot  and cracked us up (in empathy, of course!) with stories about her “Screamy McScreamerson” baby. Please stop by her place at Life Begins and say hello!
  • Jules debated whether or not there is such a thing as a “mom gene” – and when the study in question talks about being a “good Mom,” raised the question of what exactly does that mean? Throw in your two cents on the weekly news item! Click here if you have a good news item to submit for future weeks.
  • PAIL also put out a call this week for support for PAIL Blogger EndoJourney. She and her unborn son, MB, are still in the hospital and stable (she is 23w5d along today). Her water broke and they are trying to slow/stop contractions. Please send her your support and stories of positive stories for babies born around 24w! #hangonMB

Featured Posts:

  • SRB featured the post “Let’s Be Clear” by Sarah of Mommyhood After Fertility Frustration that focused on our needs and ability (or lack thereof) to reach backwards and forwards to others along the ALI journey. SRB says, “You can never walk the proverbial mile in anyone else’s shoes…But let’s walk together when and where we can. Let’s reach out hands when we can (and hold tightly), and help dress skinned knees and all the rest, each according to their needs and abilities.”

Book Club:

  • Vol. 3 (Fall 2012) of the PAIL Book Club will be discussing Nurture Shock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman. 
  • Sign up TODAY! 
  • Questions and discussion points will be due on October 11.

New to the Blogroll This Week:

  • Lil M’s Adventures – Blog about the happily ever after of doing IVF and having my miracle baby. (Babies under 1)

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