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Lets take a moment and indulge in some PAIL nostalgia. Way back in April of 2012 the call went out for someone, or someones, to take over the fledgling yet thriving PAIL idea. Picture me, 8 months preggo, and, looking back now, semi delusional. I, along with 3 other ladies, answered the call to take over the PAIL idea. We bonded instantly through emails laced with enthusiasm, sarcasm, and humor. When I was nearly debilitated with back issues during the later part of my pregnancy, and then gave birth, the other 3 ladies granted me the grace and time to step away from PAIL.

It’s hard to believe it has only been a few months pretty much that PAIL, in this format, has been in existence. Yet I can honestly say the 3 ladies that I work with to make PAIL what it is are truly my friends and part of my support network. Yet, until now, we have never met in person. Total strangers, yet we joined together, bonded, and work to try to make PAIL a supportive and welcoming place for those of us who are making it through the ALI journey.

And so recently I and my family were traveling to the North East. And we would be within 20 minutes of a fellow PAIL member, Jules. Of course we HAD to meet. Jules and her husband were so gracious and welcomed us into their home. Her daughters, ‘Chicken and Ham’ the epitome of cute 10-month old. We only got to spend about an hour visiting, but it was so amazing, like old friends just catching up.

The ALI blogging world is wonderful in that it is this huge network of support and love. It has brought 4 women together to work on something that hopefully helps others as much as it helps them. And to get to meet in person, well that just takes the cake! Here are some pictures of our meetup. Here’s to hopefully more in the future!

Chandra and Jules (‘Metholic’ and ‘Two Pink Tulips’)

From left to right: Ham, Stella, Chicken.
I feel like Ham is asking “umm what is this thing?” And Chicken is like “TOY! How do we work it?”

Here’s the “on” button: *Boop!*


  1. that is so cute and so great! It’d be awesome to be able to have a big meet up somewhere. I love this group 🙂

  2. Bloggy meet-ups are awesome! I’ve only had one and it was like old times – we know each other so well through our blogs, that we feel like old friends!

    So glad you got to meet up with Jules!

  3. How awesome that you guys got to meet up in person! 🙂 I hope someday I get to meet up with some bloggy pals. Love these photos!! That last one where Ham and Chicken are both touching Stella is adorable! 🙂

  4. SO stoked that you two got to meet up IRL with your babies, and INCREDIBLY jealous that I haven’t met any of you yet. I’m so thankful to have met all of you. ((HUGS))

  5. Love!!

  6. You know what I LOVE about this post? The pics of the mums came first. Also, that cartoon dude photobombing.

    Dude – I didn’t know this post was going to be all EMOTIONS! I thought it was going to be like “I went to Julie’s house and here is the photographic evidence.” BAH! Obviously, I am biased, but *deep breathes* PAIL is really important to me. The blogroll came at a time when I was REALLY struggling with “not being over it yet” and I was thrilled to have a way to meet new people. The ALI blogosphere is HUGE and new peeps don’t really get a memo on how to navigate. It opened up a whole new world for me – it helped me heal. You ladies, everyone who reads this, you helped me heal. With very few exceptions (IRL and URL), the women I have met through PAIL have been my only true support. I hope to meet you ALL one day, but I feel like I already have.

    There. EMOTIONS.

    • I am going to say one thing. Dude pregnant much. ha ha ha. very very true though. I feel for the women over the last few years that didn’t have this after space and were trying for their second or had secondary infertility. If PAIL was around then they wouldn’t have felt so isolated in their journey.

    • There will be so many emotions when you and I meet, SRB. We’re going to take even BETTER photos of all sorts of special moments and connections happening! EMOTIONS!

      • BETTER photos of BETTER special moments?? But, but, what about OUR special moments? Like when I whipped my boob out to bf Stells…TOP that SRB! 🙂

  7. I only wish we’d had more than an hour to spend together! All of this totally hardens my resolve to slowly grow PAIL into something that has a convention. PAILCON 2015! Or something! There will be t-shirts.

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    I got to meet in person one of the other ladies behind our PAIL wesbsite!


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