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We have recently welcomed Traathy of Happily Ever After to the PAIL Bloggers team and FINALLY updated our Contributors page to introduce you to her! If you are new to the site, you have probably already been in touch with her über-efficient self. She is organizing the crap out of this place – check out the drop downs in the pink toolbar folks!

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • Chandra posted a brief (EMOTIONAL) history of the formation of PAIL Bloggers, and the first ever meeting of two contributors and their lady babies.
  • We were pleased to welcome guest author Rhianna of Arch Mama to share her thoughts on surprise pregnancies after IF treatment – both in response to the article “Infertility: Miracle Babies” and as a women who finds herself in this very situation. Her piece is raw, moving, honest, funny, and challenging. It reminds us the ALI journey is wide and varied, and we all struggle with our identity along the way. Please share your thoughts with us, and share with others, in the comments of this important discussion.

Featured Posts:

  • Posts featured in September have now been collected into one handy post for your perusal and enjoyment. If you missed them the first time around, or would like to revisit, please check them out here (also in the dropdown!) It is never too late to leave a comment!

Special Project:

Book Club:

  • Vol. 3 (Fall 2012) of the PAIL Book Club will be discussing Nurture Shock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman. 
  • Sign up TODAY!  Yes, you can join if you have already read it! Yes, you can join if you have already posted about it!
  • If you are currently signed up, you should have received an email reminding you that questions and discussion points are due by midnight, October 17. The full list will be posted on October 18.

New to the Blogroll This Week:

  • The Cool Mom – Army Life and Raising our IVF Miracle after Battling Infertility (Babies Under 1)
  • Misconceptions About Conception – One woman’s journey through TTC after 35, from unexplained infertility to pregnancy and parenthood via donor egg IVF (Babies Under 1)

Stay Connected:

adoption blogger interview project via “production, not reproduction”

Hi everyone,
For my inaugural post here at PAIL, I wanted to let you all know about the 2012 Adoption Interview Project that Heather over at Production, Not Reproduction has organized for anyone whose life has been touched by adoption.  I didn’t get a chance to participate in the interviews last year as we had JUST been home study approved and I hadn’t made any adoption connections in the blog world yet.  This year though…I am ALL OVER IT and REGISTERED to be a participant. WOOT!
The interview project gives bloggers who have adopted, are thinking of adopting and/or just in general want to connect with bloggers whose lives have been touched by adoption an opportunity to do so.  Through the Open Adoption Bloggers page I’ve been able to find a ton of new blogs related to adoption, particularly a few by birth mothers that honest to goodness make me want to be a better mom to our beautiful baby girl.
The fine print details are:
  • You are welcome to participate if you write (even sometimes) about open adoption, domestic, international, closed, weather you are a birth (mother/family), adoptive family, adoptee or just in general want info on adoption – all are welcomed and encouraged to participate.
  • Once you register, you’ll be assigned a partner randomly (though Heather has said she’ll try her best to match up special requests if you have one).
  • You’ll have some time to read your partners blog and then send questions and answer questions between October 18th and November 14th.  On November 14th the interviews will get posted on her page and you’ll have a chance to read through everyone else’s fantastic interviews.  It is an amazing opportunity to connect with other bloggers that you normally perhaps might not find in your reader 🙂
Registration is open now!
If you have any questions please email Heather directly as this is not a PAIL run- or sponsored event, though we encourage you to participate and/or read the interviews. We’ve put the button in our sidebar and we’ll remind you in November!
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