weekly summary, vol. 20

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • Traathy stepped in and took charge of The Monday Snapshot and got us acquainted with Kalyn and her daughter Avery. Check out Kalyn’s blog at The Kasun Family.
  • Josey responded to a recent pediatric research study with a post entitled “Kids with More Sleep Cope Better.” We have all had some sort of issue with getting our kids to go to sleep, or stay asleep, or whatever– what do you think? Weigh in!
  • Chandra got us going on October’s Monthly Theme Post on– get this– “Obsessed with Babies.” It’s not as simple as it sounds, and almost anyone who has dealt with infertility and loss will have something to say about the way your life can focus around the desire for a family, and there are so many different ways this topic could evolve into blog posts. Please join us— fill out the form to sign up!

Featured Posts:

  • SRB featured a post by Holly of Ready to Be a Mom entitled “The Infertility Oscars,” where Holly spoke about the experience of receiving the Hope Award for Best Blog from Resolve. Congratulations, Holly, and thank you for sharing your post with us!
  • Posts featured in September have now been collected into one handy post for your perusal and enjoyment. If you missed them the first time around, or would like to revisit, please check them out here (also in the dropdown!) It is never too late to leave a comment!

Special Project:

Book Club:

  • Vol. 3 (Fall 2012) of the PAIL Book Club will be discussing Nurture Shock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman. 
  • You’re still welcome to join!  A list of discussion question ideas has been posted, so if you’re gearing up to write your post about the book, we think this list will provide you with some inspiration and a starting point!

New to the Blogroll This Week:

  • Bébé Suisse – Pregnancy after loss & expat life in Switzerland; currently pregnant and due May 2013.
  • Kellyland – new baby due November 2012.
  • Sillyness Abounds – Parenting after infertility and adoption, born August 2011.

Welcome, everyone!

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