To “Mom” or Not to “Mom”: An Open Salon

You may have heard about the week-long blogging event called To Mom or Not to Mom: A 5-Day Open Salon on Infertility, Motherhood and the Silent Sorority, run by Keiko of The Infertility Voice and Pamela of Silent Sorority. This event runs through the week, exploring some of the difficulties of navigating change and transition in the ALI community “without tripping over political correctness and delicate sensibilities.” It’s going to be a fascinating and continuously evolving conversation all week and it will end with a Twitter discussion on Friday at 12:30 EST.

PAIL has been invited to participate in this conversation, so we’ll be unpacking some of Keiko and Pamela’s posts here, posing some discussion questions, and encouraging all of you to give us your input as well. Maybe you’ve blogged about the day’s topic before or the conversation inspires a new post for you, and if so, we’d love for you to share those links in the comments section. We suspect you will all have support, insights, or other contributions to make this a really engaging and meaningful event. Everyone in the ALI community will have a different perspective, so we’re interested and excited to see the diverse range of experiences everyone brings with them to this conversation.

As always, community building and networking is the name of the game, so we encourage you to visit Keiko and Pamela‘s blogs to join in their discussions!



  1. I think this is a common theme – survivor guilt when you have success and others don’t.


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