october 2012 – obsessed with babies

Here are the posts for our October 2012 topic “Obsessed with Babies.”  Thanks for all your submissions, you all wrote so openly and eloquently.  In a week, this post will move to the drop-down menu in the pink toolbar, so you can check there to come back and see what you missed or re-read a particularly moving post.

Suggested Prompts:

  • Since traveling the ALI journey have you found yourself “obsessing” over all things babies?
  • Do you find yourself researching all things child-related, from toys, to food choices, to child-raising methodologies?
  • What choices have you made, or not made, as a result of your ALI journey?
  • Do you obsess over your child’s health, development, socialization, etc?
  • Do you obsess over adding to your family?

Contributing Bloggers

  1. Claudine of This Beautiful Life says “My obsession started with getting pregnant…” in “Obsessed with Babies.”
  2. Gemini Momma of Three Geminis and a Sagittarius tells us her goal as “One incurable Project Maker’s quest to NOT make a project out of her children,” in “Obsession, not by Calvin Klein.”
  3. Sarah of Mommyhood After Fertility Frustration takes us on “A random look at how my daughter has changed the focus of my obsession…” in “You Crazy, Baby.”
  4. Traathy of Happily Ever After discusses the “The journey baby crazy took us in our lives,” in, “My Public Speaking Debut.”
  5. Josey of My Cheap Version of Therapy writes “I’ve been on a sliding scale of obsession for the past 3 1/2 years, but thanks to you, I now spend more time with my baby and less time obsessing. You think I’m joking?” in “Obsessed with Babies.”
  6. Courtney of All The Sun For You says “I’m now a total 180 from the “baby crazy” lady I once was,” in “Baby Crazy.”
  7. No Baby Ruth writes how “I’m guilty of obsessing about nothing, focusing on everything,” in “Cure for an obsession: get another one.”
  8. Ms. Furture PharmD of Mom PharmD shares with us “Some thoughts on the depths (well, from the depths) of obsession with babies,” in “Baby Obsession.”
  9. April of R. Sativus shares “My daughter’s baby obsession and my journey from baby-crazy to just-plain-crazy to crazy happy,” in “Obsessed with Babies.”
  10. Coco of “Fruit Snacks and Freezer Jam” tells us that when “OCD meets IF; it isn’t pretty,” in her post “Obsession.”
  11. Heather of “Survive and Thrive”  gives us a list of how “I’m obsessed by all things baby from stocking up on books and magazines, to spending all my days with a baby,” in “Obsessed by All Things Baby.”
  12. Jules of “Two Pink Tulips” shares with us her journey of “Examining my need to fixate on baby-making and baby-raising and how difficult it is to tease out infertility & obsession from my parenting,” in “Obsessed with Obsession.”
  13. Mandski of “Full Bed” says “I write about being “obsessed” with thinking about balancing motherhood with the other parts of me that I struggle to honor and how this makes me part of the “cult of mommyhood,” in “Obsessed with Motherhood.”
  14. Chon of “Life Begins” tells us “I combined my monthly theme post with the open salon question. I am not as obsessed as I thought unless flat heads and hips count!” in “To mum or not to mum.”

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