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Words are powerful, and whether it’s the lyrics to your favorite song or the memorized passage from a well worn book, words have the power to inspire us and to bring us to tears. Recently, I’ve been reading through the archives of Mom PharmD, and I am continually impressed by the abundance of powerful, defining passages in the writings of its author, Ms Future PharmD.

Once post that struck me in particular last week was her post entitled Philosophizing. In it, she writes about how she has realized that she loves certain authors and artists because their words reflect her own philosophy of life. I love that thought, and I had never connected it to my own reality until I read the idea in her post. 

It’s about now, and making the most of now, and loving those in our lives who need it, and telling them so.  Life is about dreams and being surprised at where you end up and enjoying it anyway.  Life is about making mistakes and learning from yours and others’.

Right on. 🙂 She goes on to talk about her parenting philosophy:

We are not here to confine and define the world for our children. We are here to remind them to put on a coat in the winter before they go play outside, and what to do if a stranger grabs them, and to drink orange juice if they have a cold.  We’re here to hug them after they fall down and then remind them to dust themselves off and get back to playing, not to put on so many protective pads that they never skin their knees.

What do you think? Are there certain authors and artists whose words help to define who you desire to be as a person and as a parent? Who? Why? Hop on over to Mom PharmD and share who inspires you in your parenting and life choices!


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