PAIL Book Club: Nurture Shock Posts

The entries are rolling in! PAIL bloggers are weighing in on Po Bronson and Ashley Merriman’s NurtureShock. We want to hear what you thought of this book, so submit your blog entry link ASAP and get added to the list! We’ll be accepting rolling submissions all day on Friday, November 2nd.

We know this was a dense book with a lot to consider, and if you didn’t get around to gathering your thoughts into a post, you’re still welcome to join the conversation either here or in the posts listed below.

1) Jules @ Two Pink Tulips: (Nurture)Shock!

2) Gemini Momma @ Three Geminis and a Sagittarius: Off to the Races and NurtureShock Deconstructed (double post!)

3) SRB @ Little Chicken Nuggets: We’re White, and We Wouldn’t Have

4) Josey @ My Cheap Version of Therapy: Nurture Shock

5) Heather @ Survive and Thrive: Book Review: Nurture Shock

6) Mellow Midwest Mama @ Mellow in the Midwest: How to Praise (Or Not Praise) My Child

7) April @ R. Sativus: Pants on Fire

8) KeAnne @ Family Building with a Twist: (Nurture) Shocking the System

9) missohkay @ the missadventures of missohkay: It’s Book Club Time: Nurture Shock

10) Erin @ Connected Through Love: Why Kids Lie

11) Mandski @ Full Bed: Ramblings on Race in America

12) MomPharmD: NurtureShock and Praise!

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