weekly summary, vol. 22

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • Traathy featured Rain of Weathering Storms and her adorable little pumpkin this week on The Monday Snapshot.
  • Chandra posted the entry list for this month’s theme, “Obsessed with Babies” last week. Fourteen bloggers have contributed; check them out! This page will move to the drop down menu soon.
  • Chandra and Traathy collaborated to comment on the piece “Adoption After Infertility” from the perspective of a foster parent and an open adoption mama respectively. A thoughtful discussion was had in the comments, and we would love to hear your thoughts. Edited to add: It’s Just a Box of Rain weighed in with her thoughts from the perspective of a parent in an open domestic adoption.

Featured Posts:

  • Josey asked us to go over and lend some support to Amanda at My Life in a Nutshell as she described some of her anxiety about her impending birthing event in her post “Fears” – please stop by and give her a hug!
  • Josey also found herself reading back through the archives of Ms Future PharmD and pulled out this gem of a post: Philosophizing. Head over and share which authors or artists you most connect with and why.

Special Project:

Book Club:

  • The list of posts discussing Nurture Shock is NOW POSTED! 
  • So far, we have 12 posts by 11 bloggers – and we are still accepting submissions! There is so much to say on so many topics, and any discussion is welcomed!
  • Go check out the posts – lots to chew on!

New to the Blogroll This Week:

  • Mandski has moved from her old digs to a new home at Full Bed. Stop by and say hello again!
  • Life as Mrs. H –  Pregnant with #1 after 2 IVF cycles, previous third tri loss and infertility. (Currently pregnant, due Feb/13)

Welcome, everyone!

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