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This week, Gemini Momma is going to open up the week for us with her contribution to the 9th edition of The Monday Snapshot – an evolution of the MMM feature, meant to bring the PAIL blogroll to life by giving its members a chance to feature themselves and make new connections. If you would like to be featured on The Monday Snapshot, please sign-up here!

Check out Gemini Mommas cuties!!!  You peeps with multiples, I don’t know how you do it!!!


Hi Everyone!

I scanned through my pictures from this past weekend, looking for just the right one to submit for today’s Monday Snapshot, but nothing was jumping out at me. We didn’t do much over the weekend so there were few good photo ops – just a bunch of pictures of our girls eating lunch (exciting, right?). And then I thought, well isn’t that the perfect glimpse into our world? The two of them, sitting next to one another, bouncing and laughing? I think in this moment they were singing a pretty fab rendition of twinkle twinkle little star, in rounds. It goes like this: La la, la la, LA – LA – LA! Our kitchen – scratch that – our ENTIRE HOUSE is never a quiet place these days. With twin toddlers, there is often chaos. Fortunately, so much of it is the happiest kind of chaos imaginable…


Now, get to know a little more about Gemini Momma with her answers to the Monday Snapshot “5 Questions”:

1) How long have you been blogging and how did you get started?

I began blogging in February 2012 as a way to hold myself accountable for making some kind of memory book for my (then 8-month old) twin girls. I knew the classic “baby book” wouldn’t happen (me+scrapbooking = big mess that I quickly abandon), but I enjoy writing and taking pictures and thought a blog would be right up my alley. I have used the posts and pictures to create a printed book for my girls, and now blogging has taken on a life of its own and is a place of support and understanding as I navigate the waters of parenting multiples post-IF.

2) Tell us a little about your ALI journey and your family (3-4 sentences):

My hubby and I put off baby-making until we were in the position we wanted to be with our marriage, careers, etc. At age 31 we started “trying”. At 32 we realized there were “issues” (nothing particularly well-defined, just a “this and a that” that were “less than optimal”.) At 33, on our third round of IUI with clomid and trigger shot we became pregnant with twin girls, who we would (much) later learn are actually identical twins.

3) What makes you unique in the blogging world? (e.g. special talent, rare diagnosis, life experience)?

Erm… I think having twins puts me in a niche of some sort. The fact that Mr. Sagittarius and I are an interracial couple and our children will grow up with the identifier “mixed” also adds an element of interest I suppose. At the end of the day though, I’m just another Mommy Blogger writing about my experiences and enjoying the community and support I find in the blogging world.

4) One word to describe yourself: 


5) What blog or website (IF or not) would you recommend to others? Why?

Agh! In the distraught words of Petey the paintbrush: “Favorite?! I don’t have just one favorite (color), I love them aaallllllll!”

I’m going to go with Glum Bunny because her blog was one of the very first blogs that I stumbled across when I originally discovered this whole IF blogging community (while I was on bedrest, hugely pregnant with the twins). I love her blog because Bunny is a great, funny, sarcastic, smart, honest writer who is not afraid to incorporate all caps or pie charts. I mean, really, what more do you need?


As always, we want to see your Monday Snapshot as well, so please comment below with a link to your post– and of course, go visit Gemini Momma at Three Geminis and a Sagittarius.

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  1. Yes! I love these little glimpses into plain-old, daily life! Your girls never cease to make me laugh. I love the expression on little Leftie’s face (you can’t expect me to tell them apart!!!). Such excitement!! (And I will now go let my exclamation point key rest for a bit…)

  2. Look how happy your girls are together! I just love that about (most) twins! Even lunch time is an adventure 🙂

  3. LOL, what an awesome shot of the girls. I love it!!

  4. they are so stinking cute. just from this pic i can imagine them babbling and screeching gleefully!

    Here’s mine:

  5. I love the picture….the girls are so damn cute! I can’t imagine having twins, but I’ve always wanted twins. You are an amazing mom!

    Here’s my snapshot this week:…iffles-edition/

    I don’t know why it doesn’t come up in trackbacks, but oh well.

  6. People who are AMAZING: Beefy, Juju, Tilda Swinton… maybe two or three other people. These two KILL ME. 🙂

    Really excited to see you on the Snapshot, Gem! I try so hard not to peak!!! Everyone, go read both of her book club posts… run, don’t walk!

  7. The everyday moments are the best, I think. They look so darn adorable!

    Here’s my snapshot for today…

  8. Your girls are so cute!! I also love the every day kind of photos 🙂
    Here’s mine:

  9. Oh my, they are just adorable! Looks like they are housing something delish, too!
    Our post is borderline, so my apologies ahead of time. A slightly depressing, post-Sandy update but with a payoff of lovely photos from the weekend!

  10. Also commented right on your blog, but I just love your girls!!! I want to be at your house for lunch time to just watch these two singing, chatting and enjoying life! 🙂

    Here is my Monday Snapshot with my little sand hating gal…

  11. Love these girls!!

  12. Hi Gemini Momma! I can’t access your blog anymore and want to keep up with you! Can you get in touch with me and get me signed up?


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