november 2012 – monthly theme post – traditions


They are certainly different for everyone. Some people’s traditions are rooted in family – some in their culture – some in their religion…and most people seem to use a combination of any/all of those factors when creating their own traditions for their families.

When my daughter was born, I honestly hadn’t thought much about what traditions I wanted to start with her. I’m a picture fanatic, so I started a “tradition” of doing a weekly and monthly photo shoot with her, but beyond that, I had not (and still have not)  given it much thought.  However, now that she is older and I’ve watched my blog friends talk about experiences ranging from their annual pumpkin patch visit to their kids’ birthday morning meal,  it’s suddenly occurring to me that I had better get on that if I want to start any long-standing traditions in my daughter’s life! How about you? Has the upcoming holiday season spurred you into action regarding traditions?

Suggested Writing Prompts:

  • How do you choose which traditions to create/follow in your family?
  • Are your traditions based on your family history, culture, religion, or some combination of the three?
  • What is your favorite tradition for your kid(s)? Did you also do it as a child?
  • Do you have a set plan of traditions you want to introduce, or do you just “go with the flow?”
  • How do you reconcile differences of opinion between you and your partner or you and your extended family in what the tradition “should” be for your child?

Feel free to write using the prompts above or go off on any tangent you would like. 🙂 Entries for the link up are due by next Wednesday, November 21st at midnight CST.  The full list of links will be posted on Thursday, November 22nd (American Thanksgiving Day!). Please fill out the form below to submit your post.

As always, if you do not have a blog of your own, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments of this post and we will link to your comment in the final list that goes up next Thursday. Thank you!

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