guess who’s almost six months old?

Guess!… No idea?

PAIL is!

That’s right! We’ve been around in our current form for nearly six months now!

It’s not exactly a birthday– just a half birthday– but we think that’s worth celebrating with a surprise for YOU.

On December 1st, we’re going to announce a special PAIL event. Nope, not until then! It’s a secret for now, but watch between now and the 1st for some hype and possibly a hint or two. We hope you’ll join us!


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  1. Ohh very exciting!!! You ladies, keeping us on edge. Excited for the 1st!

  2. Time flies when you’re…. spending all your time blogging and commenting instead of doing your actual job (???) Oh maybe that’s just me. And it’s ALL PAIL’S FAULT! HAPPY 1/2 BIRTHDAY (almost) PAIL! I appreciate all the time and effort you ladies have put into this community and in maintaining this space. You do a wonderful, professional, thought-provoking, supportive job and it has not gone unnoticed. 🙂

    • Nope, not just you!! 😛 That is my problem with being my own boss… I let things like blogging and commenting take priority to my job just a little bit too often!! 😉 But have been enjoying it and am especially thankful I have become a part of this amazing PAIL community. Like Gemini Momma said, you ladies have truly done an incredible job and we are all so grateful for your hard work.

      • Thank you both! It’s good to hear that the stuff we do around here is helpful and appreciated ❤

        It's going to be a fun surprise! I'm getting excited about it!


  1. […] was no Feature post this week. Instead Jules gave us a hint that the PAIL ladies are up to something special for our 6 month ‘Blogiversary.’  What craziness are the PAIL ladies up to? Maybe a PAIL […]

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