november 2012 – traditions – monthly theme post listing

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you from the United States!! To the rest of you, Happy Thursday! 🙂

Below are the posts for our November 2012 Monthly Theme Post topic, “Traditions.” Enjoy!

Suggested Prompts:

  • How do you choose which traditions to create/follow in your family?
  • Are your traditions based on your family history, culture, religion, or some combination of the three?
  • What is your favorite tradition for your kid(s)? Did you also do it as a child?
  • Do you have a set plan of traditions you want to introduce, or do you just “go with the flow?”
  • How do you reconcile differences of opinion between you and your partner or you and your extended family in what the tradition “should” be for your child?

Contributing Bloggers:

  1. Maggie of iMags says “Miracles are a reality in our family. We have a very mixed-up household tradition-wise, and celebrate many Holidays and traditions. While we mix it up, I have also tried to implement our own family traditions, which are unique to our crazy little family.” Check out her post about “Miracles!”
  2. Sarah from Mommyhood after Fertility Frustration talks about “Blending old family Christmas traditions with new ideas to make our own unique memories.” in her post, “Traditionally Traditional.”
  3. Josey of My Cheap Version of Therapy talks about how she and her husband have melded together their traditions in “Traditions – Past, Present, and Future.
  4. mandski has a direct approach in her “Holiday Traditions” post, saying “We’re holiday celebration failures over here.”
  5. Ms. Future PharmD talks about “Traditions we’ve developed in the last 4 years as parents plus some including our extended families” in her post, “Traditions!
  6. Jules of Two Pink Tulips says that she is “”working through my need to Do It Perfectly every year, and learning how to mix our traditions from our own childhoods into our new interfaith household” in her post, “Tra-di-tiooooon, Tradition!”
  7. christine of believing in june says her post, “traditions” is “a post about the traditions I hope to have for my little family.”
  8. Fiona of Life Amongst the Palm Trees talks about “a childhood lacking in holiday traditions… or so I thought!” in her post, “Holiday Traditions.”
  9. Levi, a Jew, discusses how he and Angela, not a Jew, are building their own family traditions with their son in “Tradition, Tradition!” over at Three is a Magic Number.
  10. Missy of My Scarlet Baby says that “My favorite traditions” is about “Sharing my favorite tradition with my son.”
  11. Kalyn of The Kasun Family has a “Talk about past traditions and what has changed them now that we have a child!” in her post, “Traditions.”
  12. Delynn from Slaying, Blogging, Whatever… talks about “Traditions based on our Geeky nature” in “Geeky Traditions.”
  13. Emma over at Emma in Mommyland discusses “Traditions I had growing up and ones I’d like to start now that I have a family of my own” in her post, “Holiday Traditions.”
  14. April from R. Sativus does “A review of some of my favorites from our many family traditions” in “Tradition!
  15. SRB from little chicken nuggets gives us her thoughts on the criminal careers of the Tooth Fairy and Santa (and some sad, some nice memories too!) in her post “Thoughts on Breaking and Entering (A Post About Traditions).”
  16. Gemini Momma from Three Geminis and a Sagittarius discusses Waking up the Old People (and Other Traditions).
  17. Chon at Life Begins brings us some Traditions: Oz Style.


Did we miss you? Were you maybe a little late? No worries! Link to your post with a short blurb in the comments and we’ll add you to the list!

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