weekly summary, vol. 26

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • Traathy‘s Monday Snapshot this week featured Kristen of Buck Up, Buttercup and her sweet little toddler twins! Pop over to the Monday Snapshot to catch a glimpse of the cuties, get to know Kristen, and check out the other PAIL Bloggers who chimed in with their own Snapshot post links.
  • Josey found an article for us about embryo donation and some of the ethical issues it presents. This is something I knew very little about when I read the article, and I find the myriad legal complexities of this issue alone to be fascinating. Go check out “Embryos for Donation: Where are the Ethical Boundaries?

Featured Posts:

  • SRB drew our attention to a recent post by Chon of Life Begins about guilt in new motherhood and the struggle to find our voices (out loud and as bloggers) to process and talk about it. Read more in her post “hello– updated.”

Special Project:

New to the Blogroll This Week:

  • Maggie of iMags (Intended Mother After Gestational Surrogacy): I am a full-time working mom of 6 year old twins, made from me and my husband, conceived through science, grown in a “borrowed oven;” born December 2006.
  • Life in the Fruit Basket: I’m a 29 year old unemployed art therapist, living with my husband, our new baby twins (Apple and Banana), and two cats in a small apartment in a big city; born September 2012.
  • CrysHouse of A Life in Ordinary: The exploits of one woman who fails to change the world in any significant way but still manages an interesting existence–if every day life could ever be called such; due March 2013.
  • Amanda of Reading Each Page: Pregnancy After Infertility (PCOS), due May 2013.
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