it’s a VLOGiversary!

Over the past six months, we have had a wonderful time getting to know a little more about the PAIL Blogroll members through The Monday Snapshot and Feature Posts. However, we want to know more!! Watch the video below to find out how we propose to do that. 🙂

If you’re an anonymous blogger or simply don’t want your image online, you can always answer the questions in a written post and link up the same way. Did you notice there wasn’t a 5th question? That’s because it was Traathy’s, and she’s anonymous! Her question is below.


1) What country do you live in? If you feel comfortable sharing, what state or region as well?
2) What is your favorite “ordinary moment” of the day?
3) What is the first thing you do with your little one in the morning?
4) What has infertility changed the most about you?
5) What do you wish people knew about pregnancy or parenting through the ALI journey?

Don’t forget, post submissions are due by Friday, December 7th at midnight, and the list will go live on Saturday, December 8th.

We can’t wait to SEE you!

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