it’s a VLOGiversary!

Over the past six months, we have had a wonderful time getting to know a little more about the PAIL Blogroll members through The Monday Snapshot and Feature Posts. However, we want to know more!! Watch the video below to find out how we propose to do that. 🙂

If you’re an anonymous blogger or simply don’t want your image online, you can always answer the questions in a written post and link up the same way. Did you notice there wasn’t a 5th question? That’s because it was Traathy’s, and she’s anonymous! Her question is below.


1) What country do you live in? If you feel comfortable sharing, what state or region as well?
2) What is your favorite “ordinary moment” of the day?
3) What is the first thing you do with your little one in the morning?
4) What has infertility changed the most about you?
5) What do you wish people knew about pregnancy or parenting through the ALI journey?

Don’t forget, post submissions are due by Friday, December 7th at midnight, and the list will go live on Saturday, December 8th.

We can’t wait to SEE you!

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  1. HBG is my FAVOURITE part of this video!

  2. I am so excited about this!!! 🙂 Loved watching all of you and your littles in the explanation video. Alidia even thought HGB was hilarious. What a fun idea. I will definitely be taking part! 🙂

  3. Oh you guys do wanna hear my accent

    • I totally want to hear your accent! I’m already obsessed with SRB bec she’s from Canada, bec that’s how my mind works, so if I hear your accent I’ll probably be all obsessed with you too! (in a good way and not a creepy stalker way!)

      • I do not have an accent! Y’ALL DO!

        I want to hear what Chon-speak *sounds* like! 🙂

        • I even know where i am going to film. I just have to figure out how to do it. I always thought Canadians and Americans sounded the same. Ha ha ha ha

        • SRB: out about organization, yeah, could you please work those words into your nonaccented vlog? I love it!!!

      • I am going to try to make my husband do a mini guest appearance in the video just to share his accent with the world because it is, of course, part of what sucked me in! 😉 Not sure if he’ll be up for it though! :/

    • Chon: can you say words like respiratory and capillary and aluminum? Somehow work those into your vlog LOL.

  4. It’s gonna take me 8,000 takes to get a video of me that I would find acceptable to post. It was really fun to see you guys and your littles though, so I’ll try to suck it up and do one (I said I’ll try, momma promises NOTHING!) 😉 Cute idea, ladies!

  5. I’m such a serious weirdo in this video. I promise I’m more upbeat than that when I’m not reading off a script!! LOL
    I can’t wait to see everyone!

    • haha I thought you did great… but I was thinking “Woah, Josey is way more serious than she seems in her writing!!” hehe I think Chon is right… you just needed a beer! 😉

      • I have to say tho you are very pretty. But I’ve come to the conclusion all infertiles are smokin’ and their bubs even cuter

        • Well, not all IFers are hot(unless you mean uncontrollable hot flashes, or you know just me LOL), but I agree 99% of our kids are….for sure!

  6. Crack my shit up! Josey man you totally needed a beer. So freaking serious.! HGB owned this shoot though.

    You guys are going to cack at my voice.

  7. I can’t wait!!

  8. It’s funny how I expected people’s voices to be. I had Josey’s dead wrong!
    May I make a suggestion to extend the entry date?

  9. Yep, Josey, you seems waay more serious than the last time I saw you. Jules, amazing feat doing that shoot with Chicken and Ham on your lap…CJ seemed so professional…but I would have to agree HGB totally stole this show…..Even Raegan clapped yay when she saw him…I think she’s crushing on him 🙂

    I did a Vlog back in October, I was terrified, but I did it…now that I’m no longer a vlog virgin, I’ll do my best to get this done…

  10. Reblogged this on My Cheap Version of Therapy and commented:

    I look like a total gooner in this video, but I still love it. I hope you all participate!!!

  11. HGB cracked me up! I dunno if I am going to do a video… I have a bad phobia of being on video. But I def. want to answer the questions. If I don’t do the video I will post a picture of myself as a lame attempt at making up for it.

  12. See, I thought Josey was just being super chill, like “whatevs dudes, I do VLOGs all the time, I’m just gonna chill and ya know..”

    • Ha, I’ve done a few, and I swear I wasn’t so morose in the ones I’ve done before. So weird. I’ll have a few drinks before I do the new one. 😉

  13. Reblogged this on little chicken nuggets and commented:

    Doing it! And in the process, I shall learn how to use iMovie. There will be tears. Oh yes, there will be tears.

  14. I’m trying so hard to do this, but keep running into technical difficulties. I’ve never posted a video anywhere other than on Facebook right from my phone. I’d love a tutorial post at some point. Like, is it really supposed to take 2.5 hours to upload a 5 minute video? Help!

    • Mine was a 9 minute video and took several hours to upload but I thought that was our slow internet. I imagine it is possible that it would take that long though if it is a large file size. I uploaded mine to YouTube, then put it on my blog that way. Do you have a YouTube account? If so, that way is really simple. Just go to upload, then select your video file wherever you saved it and it will upload. What program did you make the video in?

    • I agree with Fiona – it’s possible it could take that long if the program you used recorded in a large file format. Were you able to get it figured out? I also uploaded to YouTube and then inserted into my post from there. Shoot me an email if you need help.


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