weekly summary, vol. 27

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  • Traathy‘s Monday Snapshot this week featured No Baby Ruth and her little laundry helper Sofia! Stop by to say hello to NBR, and check out the other PAIL Bloggers who submitted links to their own Snapshots.
  • Jules wrote an extraordinary piece on trust, truth, community and the exploitation of sympathy in response to the recent article “The Lying Disease” by Cienne Madrid discussing Munchausen’s-by-internet. Please give both a read and add your thoughts to the conversation.
  • SRB featured our first ever “questions from the blogroll” in “sour milk/nasty formula triple whammy!” Check it out and lend your two cents!

Featured Posts:

  • Chandra featured a post called “Glitch” by new blogger iMags, discussing the genetic and possibly hereditary links in infertility through the generations and how this might influence how the disease of infertility is seen by both in general and by the medical community. Having just been informed of some gynaecological family history myself (in a “no big deal, don’t worry about it, you are young and healthy” sort of way) this post really struck a chord with me too. In fact, I still need to comment. Check it out and add you thoughts.

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