best of 2012 – round two!

Thanks to all who voted in last week’s round-up of all the posts by PAIL bloggers that we featured here on the site in 2012! These posts come to us in a variety of ways – you email us, you tweet us, we see them on Twitter, we email each other from travels in our personal readers, and of course we have the entire blogroll on the shared PAIL reader. There have been so many amazing posts this year on a variety of topics – we really appreciate your help in letting us know what strikes a chord with you at any given time. Please let us know what you find here or you can always just email us!

Now then! Last week we asked you to pick your top three posts. From those results, here are the Top Five Featured Posts of 2012. We’d like you to pick just one this time, using whatever criteria you feel is best. It’s a tough job, and that’s why we’re asking *you* to do it! 🙂

Top Five Featured Posts – Some links to refresh your memory (and remember… it’s never too late to leave a comment!):

  • Breaking Dams by Gemini Momma (processing, NICU, anxiety)
  • Glitch by iMags (science of infertility, genetics)
  • hello – updated by Chon (perspectives on parenting, honesty, guilt)
  • {gulp} by Trinity (pregnancy, identity, emotion)
  • Wanted for Robbery by No Baby Ruth (identity, stolen mojo, lost way)


But that’s not all! We also went through our analytics and pulled out the top five editions of The Monday Snapshot and News Items. Since we can’t give *ourselves* an award, we’d like you to re-visit them and let us know your favourites.

Top Five News Items:


And finally, the Top Five most commented on editions of The Monday Snapshot. We know that a lot of factors influence the participation in TMS each week, so take a gander at the guest hosts again and let us know which one tickled you the most using any criteria you like! (Note – there are SIX choices due to a tie!)

Top Five Six Monday Snapshots:


Thanks for voting! We hope you like clicking through the year’s archives as much as we have. It’s been a lot of work, and a lot of fun. We are really looking forward to where 2013 will take us. 🙂

The Best of PAIL results will be announced next week! Stay tuned!

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