december 2012 – balancing life, work, and parenthood

Following is the list of contributors to the December Monthly Theme post. Thanks so much to everyone who participated – there truly is no one “right way” find balance, but hopefully the nuggets of wisdom contained herein will give you ideas and/or give you peace about how you are making it all work, and as SRB said in her post, “Wherever the grass looks greener, somebody still has to mow it. Make sure you take a minute to sit on your porch and enjoy your lawn. Or something.” Right?! 🙂

Suggested Writing Prompts:

  • Are you working outside the home with little one(s) at home? How do you balance the two? Does your partner work outside the home as well?
  • Did you start working outside the home postpartum and decide it wasn’t for you?
  • What factored into your decision to stay home, work from home, or work outside the home?
  • Did you get that baby in your arms and never go back? How do you balance your responsibilities at home when you’re on call 24/7?
  • Did you start out staying at home and decide you needed/wanted to go back? How did you handle those emotions?
  • How did you find the balance that works for you while being a SAHM/WAHM/WOHM?

Contributing Bloggers:

  • Lulu @ The Wild Rumpus wrote a post reflecting on her “previous life” as a yoga teacher in an effort to find balance.
  • Missy @ My Scarlet Baby says “There is no end-state of perfect balance, but a constant process of self-correction when we are leaning too much in any direction, in her post, “Doing it all?
  • A left her thoughts about finding balance in a comment on our original post – check it out here!
  • Chon @ Life Begins has this to say about her post:  ‘This past week I have had to make decisions about my eventual return to work and how it is going to impact my future. I was surprised by the fact that after all these years I was excited about working.”
  • Traathy @ Happily Ever After talks about finally coming to the realization that when you become a mom it is okay to admit that staying home just isn’t your *thing* in her post about balance.
  • Jen @ The Chronicles of Violetta Margarita says her post, “Balance,” is “a bit of a ramble on [her] plans for when it’s time to go back to work.”
  • Iveta @ Little Livi says “My post is about a very difficult decision I was just faced with after becoming unemployed during a one year maternity leave in Canada” in her post, “When working doesn’t work.”
  • Maggie Lukes @ iMags says “I wrote this last month, all about how I struggle with working 32 hours a week, and having 6 year old twins- mostly it’s about my own conflicting feelings about it, which I’m sure, are probably familiar to any working mom” about her post, “Crazy pills and Ginger Rogers.”
  • Kalyn @ The Kasun Family tells us that her post, “Working Mom,” discusses why she chose to be a working mom.
  • Josey @ My Cheap Version of Therapy talks about how hard it is to not let the “life” ball fall when so much focus goes into Parenting and Work in “Balance.”
  • missohkayThe misadventures of missohkay says “If life were The Sims, I’d be failing; since it’s not, I’m hanging in there.” in her post “Balance? I laugh in the face of balance.”
  • KristenBuck Up, Buttercup wrote “a post about trying to balance twins, part-time work from home, marriage, writing, “me time,” and household demands–lots of help and prioritizing are key!”
  • Emily @ Emskyrooney talks about “a history of my time as a working mom as I transition to being a stay at home mom…” in her post, “Out of Work.
  • Gemini MommaThree Geminis and a Sagittarius wrote a post entitled, “I don’t,” in which she fields the question “How do you do it all?” with the simple answer, “I don’t.”
  • SRB @ Little Chicken Nuggets discusses her current lack of balance as a SAHM, and something about a gardener? … in her post, “wherever the grass is greener, it ain’t gonna mow itself.”
  • April @ R. Sativus says “Just because it’s sunshine and rainbows now doesn’t mean it’s always been that way” about her post.
  • mandski @ full bed says “I don’t have it all, but I have more than enough” in her post, “Making it Work.”
  • Jules @ Two Pink Tulips wrote her post “Having it All,” and says “Try to be the Hostess with the SAHMostess.”
  • No Baby Ruth @ No Baby Ruth says, “In trying to find the right way to balance my life, I look to my mom for inspiration” — about her post, “Following in Her Footsteps.”
  • Rhianna @ Arch Mama wrote a post entitled, “On Balance, Motherhood” in which she discusses her attempt to discover balance in motherhood by quitting her job, but ultimately reveals, in a spectacular display of irony, that balance is probably just another stupid urban legend.
  • Ms. Future PharmD @ Mom PharmD wrote in her post, “Balance,” about how sometimes you just have to fake it.
  • slese1014 @ Mommyhood after Fertility Frustration — wrote about how she is trying to keep all of her “Spinning Plates” in balance, and how TTC#2 is throwing another plate in the air.

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  1. What a great turnout this month!! Clearly this is something we ALL struggle with!! Can’t wait to get reading!

  2. Whoa!! So excited to read through all of these….. when I find some damn time!!! ARG. Really wanted to submit my own but life has kept me busy then last night, the cocktails got ahold of me! 😉 I will try to do a really late post on this topic at some point though because I definitely have feelings on the topic. So great to see all the submissions!!! 🙂

  3. Late to the party (too much holiday screen-free time, apparently).

  4. Somehow my submission didn’t go through…I’m bummed because my little blurb was awesome and I have no idea what it was now. LOL My post is in the trackbacks…

    Really looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts!

    • Shoot – sorry about that Sarah! Do you want to think up a quick blurb now to email to me?

      • nah…trackbacks is cool…it was witty and I’m never witty…I’ll never recapture it. Besides I think I’d have to reread my post to come up with it and I’m already an hour behind this morning…R slept til 9…yay for sleep boo for being behind!

  5. To be completely professional for a moment… Holy Shitballs! That is a LOT of posts! Awesome!!!


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