weekly summary, vol. 31

PAIL Book Club:

  • The new book club choice will be announced next week. Thank you to everyone who voted in our poll last week!

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • Traathy started off the week by featuring our very own PAIL Bloggers contributor, Josey, in The Monday Snapshot. Check out her husband and baby enjoying some time in the hot springs, and make sure to peruse everyone else’s snapshots in the comments and pingbacks!
  • Jules continued the week with a breakdown of the news item, “Five More Reasons to Love Drugs,” in “so what’s your point anyway?” She makes some great points about the obvious bias of the writer who made some pretty snarky comments about fertility drugs and the people who use them. Be sure to throw in your two cents regarding journalism and infertility!
  • SRB finished off the week with her featured post, “at odds,” by All and Sundry, wherein she talks about perspective and how hard it is to keep it when you’re in the midst of parenting struggles.

New to the Blogroll:

  • Making a Little Manning – The Manning’s are finally pregnant with our first from our last Frozen Embryo Transfer (currently pregnant)
  • Our Griswold – Pregnant with #1&2 (twins) after IVF attempt #2. IVF #1 and FET #1 each brought early losses. (currently pregnant)
  • Miss Conception – Parenting a son after 3 years of infertility and the loss of 20 week twins. (babies under 1 year)

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