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Just after the new year I got an email from a blogroll member pointing me to a post I had literally just read. What she had to say about it was more or less what was percolating in my own mind:

I read this post today and thought it would make a great featured post, as so many of us have felt the guilt associated with daring to complain about finally becoming a mom, and yet it is so freaking hard, especially the hormonal and emotional aspect mixed with sleep deprivation. It’s something I think most new moms are not properly prepared for, and we need to talk more about it.

Whew. There was a lot for me to unpack there. In the last two weeks I have written about perspective, “at least” and “just be EMOTION X” statements, and how this can all contribute to guilt and shame over the perfectly natural and healthy negative emotions that come with being a new mum. I remember reading once (and MAN, I cannot remember where) that having a new baby in the house is some seriously shell-shocking shit. Um, pretty much. No amount of reading prepared me for what was about to happen in my life. I was put through the wringer, a few times (and then once more for good measure) both physically and emotionally. And I felt like I could not talk about it. To anyone.

The main reason that I volunteered to help take over PAIL is this: This journey did not stop for me when I got pregnant. It got harder. I was alone with it all, and it nearly cost me. Until I found the odd blog where the woman was in a similar place to me and was touching on some of what I was feeling. I felt less alone. After I gave birth, and AAAAALLLLLL the emotions of the journey up until then caught up with me, I had to stop reading everyone for a while. I couldn’t take it. But then, I started to feel better, and I started talking more. Now, I can’t STOP talking. So really, my main raison d’être at PAIL is this: Keep telling your story, in whichever way you need to tell to tell it. Somebody needs to hear it, and you will both find healing. 

Which brings me back to the post “Post Partum” by ADSchill at Miss Conception. She begins by saying “birthing a baby is not roses and sparkles…” and then breaks it down physically and emotionally.

Physically: I am hurting. I’ll be honest here…my nether regions are a mess. Women don’t really talk about this side of post partum, especially on an infertility blog. But I feel that to be authentic and honest, I need to represent this part of being pregnant and giving birth.

…I had two tears. One in the obvious place (the perineum) and one on the side of the vagina. I was considered a 3rd degree tear. Of course there were stitches placed and lots of swelling…Oh yes, trying to poop with stitches…enough said.

And some other stuff about swelling and weight, and well… yes! The things nobody tells you!

Emotionally: Those post-pregnancy hormones are NO joke.

I am feeling a bit more stable now at 2 weeks past, but the first week was harsh. People don’t warn you about that first week. Well, I will warn you now, because even if you haven’t given birth I hope that you will.

There were a lot of crazy mixed feelings that first week…and well I guess there still are.

I’m going to leave it there, because I recognized so much of myself here, and I wish I had known that it was normal. I wish I had read this, or had someone say it to me. Now that I am about to give birth again, I read this and I remember. I read this, and I remember to be gentle with myself. And I thank A for writing it down for all to see.

This is brave stuff to admit for *any* new mum, but even more so in this community. There is such a pervasive fear that we will look like we are complaining and as such we sanitize or omit things out of sensitivity to our readers – to our friends. It is difficult, and brave, to truly not hold back and tell it how we see it. She does a MUCH better job of capturing this in her post than I can convey here – even if I quoted her. Truly. (My personal feeling is that sharing *all* parts of the journey is important for a realistic management of our expectations. And when we can’t read, we must also be brave and step away. It’s okay. All of it.)

Wherever you are in your journey, I encourage you to head over to Miss Conception and give this post (and its follow-up) a read and a kind word. After all, knowing we are not alone helped to get us this far. And we have miles and miles to go.


ADSchill @ Miss Conception in her own words:

My hubby and I have been married for 6 years and together for a whopping total of 13. As high school sweethearts, we did everything in the so called ‘order’ you are supposed to: Date, college, marriage, cohabitate. We even started with the obligatory puppy to raise and waited 3 years before considering our next step. Fast forward 2 years – here is the picture… Polycystic ovary syndrome, meds, infertility, exhaustion. I have always been healthy, but it turns out PCOS was always hiding in the wings, waiting to rear it’s ugly head the moment I ditched the birth control. If I could kick my ovaries in the junk, I would.

UPDATE: Our first IVF produced two beautiful babies – a boy and a girl. I developed a hematoma which in turn began wreaking havoc in my uterus causing me to go into pre-term labor and deliver my precious twins at 20 weeks. We miss our angels desperately and are still hoping to see a rainbow after the storm.

Baby ‘Raz’ is expected on January 3rd, 2013 after a frozen embryo transfer. Raz was our last surviving frostie baby. (Cooper born December 18, 2012)!!!


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