PAIL announcement: drum roll please!

So a while back we hinted that we would be announcing another new feature to our growing PAIL community. All the PAIL ladies have been chatting about how to open PAIL up to more people, say persons without a blog but who are pregnant/parenting through the ALI journey.  And we also wanted to interact more frequently and casually with all our wonderful PAIL members.

When my Stella wasn’t sleeping I sent crazy, sleep deprived, emails to my fellow PAIL contributors, to ask for advice and support. When one of us has a particularly bad day, we send out a group email to vent and get talked “off the ledge.” And we would often remark that wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow do this with ALL the PAIL blogroll members? Think of all the resources we could share and have access to, think of the support we could offer and receive, think of all the LEDGES WE COULD TALK EACH OTHER OFF OF!


We are excited to announce we have created a PAIL FACEBOOK PAGE!

PAIL Facebook is a more casual place to interact with your fellow PAIL buddies.

  • Got a question you need a quick answer to? Ask it here and let the meta-community help you out!
  • Want to give a shout out or ask for support for yourself or others? Post it on our wall!
  • Looking for resources/blog posts on BLW, TTC#2, IVF, etc? Post your need here and the community will respond with any links we think will be helpful!
  • Want others’ opinions on a hot button topic or issue you are dealing with? PAIL Facebook is where it is at!

And to help launch our new endeavor we are announcing our new Book Club pick via PAIL Facebook! So head on over, like our page, and see if you want to join us for this month’s PAIL Book Club!

Also if you have friends who are now pregnant/parenting through the ALI journey but they don’t have a blog, we would love if you would recommend us to them via Facebook.

BUT WAIT. THERE’S MORE! (Just like in those infomercials you watch at 3am while feeding a cranky baby.)

To celebrate even more we are going to award one lucky PAIL Facebook person a prize! Just ‘like’ our page, AND leave a comment on our Wall. All comments will be counted up and a random winner will be sent a FABULOUS prize! To see what the prize is, GO LIKE OUR PAGE! All comments from 10am (Eastern-Standard-Time), on Friday January 18th to 10am (EST) January 23rd will be included in the drawing. The winner will be announced Friday, January 25th.
And just in case I haven’t put enough links to our new Facebook page throughout this post, here is one more:


(Please note if you are vehemently opposed to Facebook, we understand. This month’s book club will also be announced in our weekly summary and re-announced next week as well.)



  1. Feeling pretty torn about this. Would love to be involved but I keep my Facebook (and real life friends in general) separate from my blogging / IF life. Not that I have really had to yet, but I want my blog to remain a place where I can say as I please, when I please, without worrying about what family and friends have to say about it. I know joining the PAIL FB page isn’t leading them right to my blog but it could pretty quickly get them there. Sorry I can’t join in on the fun just now… damnit that price is tempting too. I love me some prizes! 😉

    By the way, I do think this is a great idea!!! And a great way to get more people involved and chatting. Way to go ladies! 🙂

    • Hi Fiona, I totally understand. I am pretty sure there is a way to hide on your own timeline your post to a FB page, and I think you can even hide that you “like” a page, but I am not sure how. FB has changed its policies so many times I am still figuring them out. Thanks for the support though!

  2. emskyrooney says:

    I am so excited about this! Was just thinking last week how much I’d love to have a PAIL forum of sorts for places to chat about things- Facebook is perfect (at least for me as my blog is linked to my Facebook anyway!)

  3. I initially joined right away – but thinking about Fiona’s comment I have to agree with her. I don’t have friends or family on my blog and want to keep it that way. I love the idea of being able to connect with you all on FB as there are times I definitely feel the need to reach out and ‘be talked off a ledge’ and think this would be a wonderful way of doing it.

    Have you considered making this a group instead of a general page? You can set the settings to ‘secret’ and then only members of the group can see what has been posted and nothing gets on a members timeline. I think you have to approve people joining the group but it would be a way to help those who want/need to maintain their anonymity. Just a thought.

    • I agree with this! If you make it a “secret group” all members/membership/posts will not appear in any timeline!

      • I do too. Love the idea of the FB page and all the hard work you put into it, but my FB and IRL friends are separate from my blog for the most part. I’m sure you will have lots of traffic to it anyway and I might get brave and change my mind later.

        • You all took the words outta my mouth! I’d love to join, but I, too, keep my blog private from the “real world.” If you do make it a private group that’d be awesome!

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    Check it out!

  5. I don’t fb much, but I keep my profile active to check in with less-close friends and family. Like other commenters, though, my fb life and blog life are strictly separated. I’ve already been burned once, and I’d hate to deal with that again or go back to a private blog. I’m thinking I may just make a new fb just for PAIL. Then again, maybe it’s time to defriend everyone but five or six people. 🙂

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  7. I agree with others on the facebook thing. I don’t have a blog and would love to participate in a facebook group. But with a facebook page, all my friends will see that I liked the page and anytime I comment on there it will show up in their feeds, and given my real life friends and family don’t know about this side of my life, I won’t be able to like the page because I don’t want them to see my comments on it. I agree with others on making it a private group. That way facebook friends can’t see what it being discussed. Just my thoughts.

  8. Am I mental. I can’t find the site!

  9. I’d agree that a secret group would be much simpler and less identity revealing for those of us either “in the closet” or “standing in the closet door” about our ALI history. AND if it were secret, I could consider being me in the group rather than anony-me. Although I might just make anony-me a facebook account.

  10. elizabethkbaker says:

    Great idea! I agree with the others- a secret group might be the best way to go. Although my blog is not private from real life friends and family, I am involved in several secret FB groups and love that I can post and comment without having to worry about other people seeing it.

  11. Bethany Marcol says:

    I love the idea of the fb page but I am concerned that its open to the public. I think with the purpose, I wouldn’t feel comfortable discussing ttc or if issues on an open page (it appears to be a fan page?) just my 2 cents:)


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