weekly summary, vol. 33

PAIL Special Announcements:

  • Last week, we launched a brand-new addition to the PAIL world: the PAIL Facebook page! We are very excited about this new endeavor and we would like to announce our winner of the FB contest is lucky comment #3, Erin S.! Erin wins a voucher for 3-bars of handmade soap from ‘Next to Godliness Soaps’ and will soon be finding all excuses to go shower with these amazing soaps.
  • Speaking of Facebook…we have had some people express their desire that our Facebook page be converted into a “Secret Group,” a category of group on Facebook that keeps your membership and comments completely private. We at PAIL strive to ensure that everyone feels comfortable to participate in the projects we do. We would like to highlight the differences between a “page” and a “secret group” and then let you tell us what you prefer.
    • A “page” is a public group in which people on your “friend list” can see that you “like” this page and see what you post to it. One of the things we at PAIL liked about the page format is that it is searchable, so if someone is looking for parenting-ALI resources, our Facebook page would pop up in a search. This would help us reach out to more people and people who might like to participate in such a community but who do not blog. The downside is that for our anon-bloggers or PAIL members who keep their blogging life and Facebook life separate, would not feel comfortable participating or would have to create a “dummy” account to participate.
    • A “Secret Group” grants us all total anonymity. That also means that we are not “searchable” or able to be found by a random person looking for parenting-ALI resources.
    • We at PAIL would like to stress that our preference is to meet your needs/wants. So in the interest of that, we would like to know your preference. Please take the poll posted below (you can only vote once) and tell us your preference. We also realize that we may not meet everyone’s needs and wants for this particular endeavor and understand if you choose not to participate.
  • Don’t forget to sign up for our next book club! We are reading “Simplicity Parenting.” Sign up here!

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • Traathy kicked off our week with this Monday’s Snapshot featuring our very own SRB of Little Chicken Nuggets. Check out HGB making pizza like a BOSS!
  • SRB posted the participant list for our monthly theme post, “where do babies come from?” Check out all the great posts on this topic!
  • Jules shared a great news piece that looks at the issue of blogging about your kids and lines we draw about our own personal blogging. Are you a “put it all out there”, an anonymous blogger, or somewhere in between? We’d love to know what you think on this topic. Check it out in: news item: blogging about your kids.

PAIL Featured Post: Josey shared with us a feature post by Julia of 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Baby that speaks of that moment when we realize we’ve done it, we’ve come full circle, we have that long-awaited child. Our journey may not be over, but we reach a place where we can look back and take in the view. Julia shares with us how that moment was in visiting her RE’s office with her son. We hope you’ll read, Full Circle, and maybe share your ‘moment’ of coming full circle.

New to the Blogroll:

  • Jules: Life with twins (born April 2009) after 5+yrs TTC & countless IVF cycles.
  • I Won’t Give Up:  After 18 months, numerous IUIs and 1 IVF, we are finally pregnant with our first! Due: September 3, 2013.
  • Bee the Change: Parenting after IVF – currently battling melanoma. A self-proclaimed neat-freak, ketchup lover, and I color sort my M&M’s before I eat them. Born February 2009.
  •  {My}Perspective: Being a mom after 2 years of TTC, one IUI and the IVF that gave us our baby boy! Born November 2012.
  • Xavier & Alice Anne: LDS adoptive mom of one, hoping for two. Thoughts on marriage, race, and whatever else! Born March 2011.

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