weekly summary, vol. 34

PAIL Special Announcements:

  • Our very own SRB welcomed son M.alcom! Click here to see our post and find a link to some adorable newborn cuteness. We love you SRB!
  • Don’t forget to sign up for our next book club! We are reading “Simplicity Parenting.” Sign up here!

PAIL Posts This Week:

  • Traathy kicked off our week  featuring herself in the Monday Snapshot! Her gorgeous baby just turned 1-year old, so check the post out for some great picks of Ky celebrating with her very first cupcake!
  • We had a good conversation about the release of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ study on organic foods. Read our write-up, organic foods and you, for a link to the study and tell us what you think.

PAIL Featured Post:

Jules offered our feature post this week, “Thoughts from a DE mom” by KS of  Inconceivable!?!?! . The author shares what it is like to be a Mom to a toddler conceived by DE (donor eggs) and pregnant with another by DE as well. We are often interested in the ‘hows and whys’ of DE we rarely get a chance to hear the perspective of what it’s actually like to reflect and look back on living this particular journey to parenthood. Please visit KS’s blog and read Thoughts from a DE mom for a perspective we don’t often get to hear.

New to the Blogroll:

  • No new additions this week. Though we do want to take a moment and remember all those who are currently struggling with TTC, M/C and other infertility issues. Infertility’s a b*tch and we wish we could hug all those we know are struggling this week. Know you are in our thoughts.

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