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Hello, PAIL readers!

We’ve all had a lot going on here behind-the-scenes lately– aside from the usual work-life balance stuff that blogging tends to interrupt, there has been all sorts of excitement. Illness, traveling mishaps, big life events like new babies and birthday parties and, for my part, home renovations and a whole lot of teething.

It’s easy to get lost in the daily grind of managing new situations and big projects, and so we wanted to take an aside from our usual weekly posts to say this to you: thank you.

YOU are what make PAIL awesome. You come here with insightful comments. You send us emails about interesting news items or other bloggers’ posts you think we’d like to feature. You even occasionally send us some glowing messages just to say you appreciate us which, let me tell you, totally makes our day.

You are remarkably fair and polite even when you comment to disagree with each other. You leave notes of encouragement. You share your thoughts in an open and honest way, even when those thoughts reveal parts of yourself and your experience that you might otherwise want to forget. You engage in topical discussions here and then bring those topics back to your own blogs, expanding upon and deepening the issue in a way that helps us all understand it in a new way.

You are an excellent representation of the many, many different experiences and stories behind the “pregnancy and parenting through adoption, infertility and loss” world. You are building your families in many different ways and we relish any bits of your lives that you choose to share with our community.

Pregnancy and parenting after experiencing the heartbreak of infertility and loss is for far too many people a lonely journey. It’s a lot less lonely when we can gather in a place where we can feel just a bit more comfortable, just a bit more understood. Our aim has always been to make PAIL a safe space for talking about the “what next?” of infertility and loss. We want you to know that you can always come here to read, learn, share and support each other, and we thank you for helping us to make PAIL the space that it is.

featured post: “waiting room” by teach me to braid

Em is a fairly new voice in the blogging world who I started following in the past month or two, and I tell ya, she has been blowing me away. As I write this on Monday night, I keep thinking about how right on her post was for me. She and her husband have just made the jump back into infertility treatments for TTC#2, and her post “waiting room” is all about that experience, though maybe not in the way you’d first expect.

This happens to me every time I go to the clinic. Give me more than thirty seconds in that waiting room and I get this urge to start talking to the people around me. I want to ask the woman in scrubs how her treatments are going. I want to ask her if she has PCOS, endometriosis or low ovarian reserve. I want to ask about her husband’s sperm count and whether they have any friends who have been down this road. I want to ask if they’ve considered IVF, whether they’ve gotten second opinions. I want to ask about their insurance coverage and how she’s doing with all of this. Like really, how are you doing?

And I want her to ask me.


How often have we all felt so alone while sitting in that waiting room? How many times have you hesitated to reach out and talk to someone next to you when you’re waiting for your name to be called, even though you are craving support (and could likely offer some support as well)?

Then the post really gets good, because she compares that support that we all crave to the time she ran a marathon. Oh ya, she went there, and it makes SO MUCH SENSE.

Click here to read the whole post and find out how she tied it all in. 🙂

As always, comments here are closed so you can go visit Em and share your thoughts there!


Em @ teach me to braid in her own words:

I’m Em. This blog is my way of inviting you into my journey. You are welcome here. I don’t promise to be right or great or revolutionary, but I do promise to be real. I share my home and my heart with my dear husband, my darling daughter and my pup, Murphy. I make pretty good cookies. I wait all year for the state fair. Oh, and I don’t know how to braid…yet. My ultimate goal in all of this is to glorify God because what may look like my story is really His.


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