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Hello, PAIL readers!

We’ve all had a lot going on here behind-the-scenes lately– aside from the usual work-life balance stuff that blogging tends to interrupt, there has been all sorts of excitement. Illness, traveling mishaps, big life events like new babies and birthday parties and, for my part, home renovations and a whole lot of teething.

It’s easy to get lost in the daily grind of managing new situations and big projects, and so we wanted to take an aside from our usual weekly posts to say this to you: thank you.

YOU are what make PAIL awesome. You come here with insightful comments. You send us emails about interesting news items or other bloggers’ posts you think we’d like to feature. You even occasionally send us some glowing messages just to say you appreciate us which, let me tell you, totally makes our day.

You are remarkably fair and polite even when you comment to disagree with each other. You leave notes of encouragement. You share your thoughts in an open and honest way, even when those thoughts reveal parts of yourself and your experience that you might otherwise want to forget. You engage in topical discussions here and then bring those topics back to your own blogs, expanding upon and deepening the issue in a way that helps us all understand it in a new way.

You are an excellent representation of the many, many different experiences and stories behind the “pregnancy and parenting through adoption, infertility and loss” world. You are building your families in many different ways and we relish any bits of your lives that you choose to share with our community.

Pregnancy and parenting after experiencing the heartbreak of infertility and loss is for far too many people a lonely journey. It’s a lot less lonely when we can gather in a place where we can feel just a bit more comfortable, just a bit more understood. Our aim has always been to make PAIL a safe space for talking about the “what next?” of infertility and loss. We want you to know that you can always come here to read, learn, share and support each other, and we thank you for helping us to make PAIL the space that it is.



  1. Yay!! I’m awesome!

  2. lovely post. i think you guys are pretty amazing. can i say one thing though. if i read one more post or comment in the last week over the latest bunch of crap in the ALI community that said there is no where to go once you are pregnant and parenting through ALI I thought I would scream. This place is a wonderful place to have so THANK YOU guys for doing it.

  3. Thank YOU for doing what you do to bring everybody together! Since I joined the blogroll a few months ago, I have been more of an observer than a participant, but I really appreciate this site, the information it provides, the discussions it provokes, and the building of relationships it encourages.


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